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Stupid Tip of the Day: Get Out There — Even When You Do Not Feel Like It

During almost every trip on which I am traveling, there is usually one day where I feel like I would rather just stay in the hotel room, relax, work, nap and eat…

…but I rarely ever succumb to that urge to not step out. The main reason is that I went through a lot of time, effort and expense to be travel to where I am at the moment in the first place — and to miss out on any time is time I will never get back.

There is also…

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Was I Almost Taken For a Ride For Being Taken For a Ride?

The wind was persistently trying to cut through me on yet another cold, blustery and grey winter day in April as I stood at the 17 Stycznia bus stop waiting for the bus to arrive.

Bus route 175 is rather convenient for traveling from Warsaw Chopin Airport to central Warsaw and the Old Town. Buses typically travel every ten minutes or so; but this was a Saturday morning, so the wait was longer.

When I checked out of the…

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8 Steps to Elevator Etiquette

If you stay at a hotel property within or near the center of a city, chances are that the building is at least several stories tall — and more likely than not that the elevator may not operate as fast as you prefer…

…and during busy times of the day when many people are wanting to use the elevators simultaneously, wait times can increase exponentially.

I stepped into an elevator recently to go from the ground floor to an upper floor of the building. Just as the doors were closing…

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14 Ways to Survive 14 Hours Seated in the Economy Class Cabin?

I have flown as a passenger seated in the economy class cabin on many transoceanic — and even transcontinental — flights, from which one might arrive at the conclusion that I might know a thing or two about this topic based on my experience…

…so when I read this article written by…

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Stupid Tip of the Day: Print Out Your Receipt When Paying In Advance For Lodging

“On checkout I didn’t pay close attention to the emailed receipt. Today I was checking if the points from the stay had been awarded, I opened the receipt and saw that there was no mention in it that the stay had been prepaid. I looked at my credit card account and, sure enough, there is a (still pending) authorisation for the whole amount of my stay. I have called the hotel, spoken to the manager and they have told me that they would investigate and call me back (it seems they didn’t get the money from Hilton). They have asked for the reservation confirmation email (which says that…

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The 14 Most Aggravating Types of Passengers Are…

As a frequent flier, an encounter with a fellow passenger who irritates you is bound to happen sooner or later — and you probably already have at least several of those experiences to share — but which types of passengers are considered to be the most aggravating?

The results of the 2016 Airplane Etiquette Study was released last month from…

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How to Add Spoilers to FlyerTalk and InsideFlyer

You would like to post content to the forums of FlyerTalk or InsideFlyer; but you might want some or all of the content to be hidden for whatever reason — perhaps to save space with a feature which is both expandable and collapsible.

The feature is known as a spoiler; and although it has been around for years, members of FlyerTalk or InsideFlyer rarely use it — even though it is really easy to use.

Here are the instructions as follows…

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How to Be Happy.

“Feeling or showing pleasure or contentment” is the technical definition of being happy, according to the Oxford Dictionaries — but the problem with being happy is that there are few things which ubiquitously define happiness for all people. What causes one person to be happy may not have the same effect on someone else.

In an attempt to define how to be happy, Richard Branson — founder of the Virgin Group, which includes airlines such as Virgin Atlantic — wrote this letter to an undefined stranger as part of an effort to discuss happiness all month long.

Here is an excerpt from the letter…

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