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Pipeline Explosion May Cause Possible Fuel Shortages and Higher Gasoline Prices Throughout the Southeastern United States — Again?!?

At least seven workers — and possibly as many as nine people — were severely burned when a gasoline pipeline exploded in Shelby County in Alabama earlier this afternoon, causing people within three miles of the incident to be evacuated.

Both pipelines in that area were completely shut down — raising fears of a repeat of sporadic fuel shortages experienced last month in several states in the southeastern United States.

The explosion occurred on…

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12 Steps to Prevent Your Rental Car From Crime at Gasoline Stations

There has been a rash of vehicles stolen from fuel stations in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area over recent months — and some of those incidents have been violent; while others involved the safety of children…

…but the problem is not only rampant in Atlanta. Vehicles are being stolen at gasoline stations across the United States — regardless of the time of day. “Most of the time, gas station customers leave their car doors unlocked and items like purses and wallets are often left in plain view”, according to this article from the National Crime Prevention Council. “A thief is able to drive up next to the victim’s car, open an unlocked door, and grab any valuables within reach. Then, the thief quickly drives off. It happens in a matter of seconds.”

Anything which you can do to slow down or impede upon professional car thieves or joy-riders will reduce the appeal of your vehicle to be targeted — so here are 12 steps of specific advice on what you can do to reduce your chances of being the victim of having your vehicle stolen at a gasoline station…

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Warning: What You Must Know About Connecting Your Device in a Rental Car

Technology has advanced in recent years where you can connect your portable electronic device to the entertainment and information system built into the dashboard of a car; and the percentage of the fleets of rental car companies where this is possible has increased to the point where this technology is expected — regardless of the class of vehicle rented these days…

…but did you know that after you drop off the vehicle at a location of a rental car company, you could be leaving something behind as you are whisked — er…better make that slowly lumbered — away on that shuttle bus to the airport terminal?

No, you are not leaving behind anything physical, as you have everything with you. In fact, you double-checked and realized that you are not missing anything at all — but you could still be leaving something behind in the car you just dropped off…

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Nine Natural Ways to Cure Jet Lag?

I eschew medications whenever possible, as you might already know — and that belief applies to combatting jet lag as well…

…so when I saw that the team behind the official weblog of Expedia in Canada created an infographic in this article which discusses nine natural ways to cure jet lag, I felt that I needed to pass it on to you in case any of the suggestions work for you — and that infographic is included in this article for your convenience.

Here are the nine natural ways to cure jet lag — without the details, which you will find in the infographic — but with my comments…

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Travel Alert: Higher Gasoline Prices Due to Fuel Shortages Scattered Throughout the Southeastern United States Until Further Notice

Fuel prices have been spiking in at least five states in the southeastern United States because of sporadic gasoline shortages caused by a leaking main pipeline in Alabama which led to its complete shutdown — resulting in states of emergencies to be declared by the governors of Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee due to a significant disruption of shipments of fuel.

In addition to the aforementioned states…

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One Skill You Need for a Better Chance to Become a Flight Attendant

With starry-eyed dreams of a glamorous life of traveling all over the world, I receive messages on a regular basis from readers of The Gate who are interested with how to become a flight attendant for a commercial airline — and by the sheer numbers of people who do apply, the chances are rarely in their favor…

…but if you possess this one skill, you will significantly increase your odds of securing the opportunity to become a flight attendant.

The one skill which you need for a better chance to become a flight attendant is…

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Say Goodbye to Antibacterial Soap Due to Ban on Ingredients

If you have antibacterial soap in your home, take a good long look at it, as it will soon be a thing of the past because the Food and Drug Administration of the United States issued a final rule that antibacterial soaps and other consumer antiseptic wash products — which contain at least one or more of 19 certain active ingredients and can be purchased over the counter — can no longer be marketed, as there is no evidence that they work better than their counterparts which do not include antibacterial ingredients; and in fact could actually be more harmful than good, as they pose possible health risks over the long term.

The ingredients in question…

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Stupid Tip of the Day: A Simple — But Risky — Way to Avoid Foreign Transaction Fees

Foreign transaction fees can be a potential scourge when traveling internationally. Typically, you are charged an average of three percent per transaction when using certain credit cards outside of your home country when paying for goods and services using a different currency.

One way to avoid foreign transaction fees is to apply for a credit card in which there are no fees for transactions charged with one currency but paid for with another — but those credit cards usually charge some sort of an annual fee. Simple math dictates that — ceteris paribus — if the annual fee of a credit card is less expensive than the total amount which you would have been charged foreign transaction fees for the year, then you come out ahead financially despite paying that annual fee.

For example: if the annual fee of a credit card is $95.00 per year but potential foreign transaction fees would have cost you $300.00 for the year, then you should consider applying for and using that credit card whenever you travel internationally — especially if it includes some outstanding benefits of which you can take advantage…

…but what if…

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