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Earn 500 Bonus AAdvantage Miles by Shopping for April Bonus 2017

Effective now through Sunday, April 30, 2017 at 11:59:59 in the evening Eastern Standard Time, you can earn 500 bonus American Airlines AAdvantage miles — in addition to the standard AAdvantage miles earned — during the April Bonus campaign at the AAdvantage Shopping portal by spending a minimum of…

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Applying a Voucher After Purchasing a Ticket: Right or Wrong?

Here is an interesting situation which purportedly may have moral implications: if you are on a business trip with expenses paid by your employer and happen to have an airline voucher which is about to expire, would you first pay for the airline ticket and then attempt to apply the voucher afterwards?

The scenario which you just read is the conundrum which…

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Why I Changed My Mind About the Passenger Dragged Off the Airplane

I initially wrote in the aforementioned article that “…the unidentified passenger in question for not simply following the directions of members of the flight crew; and supposedly creating enough of a scene which prompted someone from United Airlines to call in law enforcement — rather than leave the airplane quietly and voice concerns with employees of the airline.” Pertaining to this specific incident, I was wrong.

Had the passenger done exactly what I said, this would not have…

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United Airlines Takes Full Responsibility For Passenger Dragged Off Airplane

Oscar Munoz — who is the chief executive officer of United Airlines — finally issued a statement where United Airlines takes full responsibility for an incident this past Sunday where one passenger reportedly was very upset at being one of four passengers to be selected to leave the aircraft involuntarily.

The passenger — a male doctor who is 69 years old and needed to be at a hospital the next day — was forcibly removed from the aircraft by members of law enforcement, which resulted in injury to the passenger. The law enforcement officer in question who physically pulled the passenger from his seat was relieved of his duties for now.

Here is the letter, which was posted earlier today at United Hub…

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Mike Huckabee Jokes at Delta’s Expense

Mike Huckabee — a former governor of Arkansas and a former candidate for president of the United States — posted several “tweets” at the expense of Delta Air Lines…

…and without any further ado, here is some of what he had to say

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Delta Air Lines Has Still Not Fully Recovered From Inclement Weather

Regardless of the reasons why Delta Air Lines was not as proactive as it should have been pertaining to minimizing the inconvenience of its customers, the undisputed fact is that many passengers have experienced substantial delays and cancellations of flights operated by Delta Air Lines. People have had to choose to either splurge for the unexpected expense of a hotel room or seek out a spot on the floor at the airport overnight. Some have canceled their flights on Delta Air Lines to either book a ticket on a competing airline or rent a car to drive as many as 16 hours to their final destinations. Times waiting on hold to update a travel itinerary has been clocked in hours — even for members of the SkyMiles program who have earned elite level status.

I am uncertain as to the veracity of…

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