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Highway Tolls Once Again In Effect In Most of Florida

All tolls on highways across the entire state had been suspended on Tuesday, September 5, 2017 by the Florida Department of Transportation for the purpose of easier evacuation and preparation — and the tolls remained suspended for the entire duration of the effects of Hurricane Irma, which left many areas of the state without power; flooded; or with damage to buildings, infrastructure and flora…

…but as of…

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10 Things Americans Do Which Totally Confuses People in Other Countries? I Must Not Be a Typical American — Part 3

Although I will admit that there are times where it is easy to spot an American tourist in the crowd while traveling, I found that I generally do not fit the stereotype of most of the 10 things Americans do which totally confuses people in other countries — just as I generally did not fit the stereotype of the 13 ways to spot an American anywhere in the world; nor do I consider myself to be an “ugly” American — as according to this article…

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Your Chance to Get Your Share of Money From American Airlines Miles Settlement

You may be eligible for a share of as much as $1,750,000.00 from a class action settlement which was reached in litigation if you received Form 1099 from Citibank reporting to the Internal Revenue Service of the United States that you received income attributable to the receipt of promotional American Airlines AAdvantage miles between Thursday, January 1, 2009 through Thursday, July 13, 2017 — but you must submit your claim by…

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Would You Pay a Fee to Drop Off or Pick Up a Passenger At the Airport?

Dropping off or picking up someone at the airport is stressful enough, as you want to be there in as little time as possible while ensuring that the person walks right out of the terminal and into your vehicle; but you have to contend with traffic congestion, law enforcement officers threatening to write you a citation if you do not move your vehicle, and the cost of parking the car if curbside pick-up is not an option — if parking spots are even available…

…but if airports started charging fees simply for motorists to have access to drop off or pick up a passenger at a terminal, the purported results would be…

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Your Chance to Get Your Share of Money From Free Cruise Telemarketing Settlement

You may be eligible for a share of as much as $12.5 million dollars from an antitrust settlement which was reached in litigation if you received pre-recorded telephone calls between July of 2009 and March of 2014 on your residential or cellular telephone lines initiated by Resort Marketing Group, Incorporated during which it offered a free cruise with Carnival Corporation & PLC; Royal Caribbean Cruises, Limited; or Norwegian Cruise Lines, Limited as a promotion — but you must…

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Qatar Waives Visa Entry Requirements Effective Immediately for Citizens of 80 Countries

Visa requirements for entry into the country of Qatar have been waived for the citizens of 80 different countries effective immediately — meaning that if you are a citizen of one of those countries, you will no longer be required to apply for a visa nor pay for it in order to visit Qatar.

Instead of applying for a visa and paying for it, a multi-entry waiver will be issued free of charge at the port of entry upon presentation of a…

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