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Would You Willingly Visit a War Zone?

Every day somewhere on this planet, humans are fighting other humans in physical combat for varying reasons — violations of civil rights; the desire to be heard instead of ignored; revenge for what is perceived as an irreprehensible act — and despite the inherent dangers of visiting such places, there are people who want to voluntarily travel to these areas…

…but if you are a citizen or national of the United States, you will likely soon not be permitted to visit North Korea, as a ban will reportedly be announced by the Department of State in a few days.

One compelling reason why a person would willingly visit a war zone…

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Reminder: 3 Ways to Avoid Being the Victim of Pickpockets

Mere seconds is all the time that is needed for a pickpocket to suddenly ruin your trip — and hours, days or even weeks of time could elapse until you are finally back to some semblance of normal, as by the time you realize that you became the victim of a pickpocket, he or she is already long gone.


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Smog Masks are Essential in Kraków? I Had No Idea…

“The protective gear helps defend against the city’s dangerous air pollution — and can make a fashion statement”, according to this article written by Dimitra Kessenides for Bloomberg Businessweek. “The protective gear might lose favor once a law that bans household coal burning in the city, which faces resistance from the local coal for industry, takes effect in 2019.”

Perhaps I did not…

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13 of the Most Fascinating International Borders in the World

Borders usually clearly delineate two entities apart — whether they be towns, cities, states, countries or continents — but some borders around the world seemingly inexplicably create some interesting anomalies which one would not normally find or expect.

“Not all international borders are uncomplicated, straight lines dividing one country from another. In reality, a political map shows what a mess these boundaries — often invisible, but occasionally obvious — can be”, according to…

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Nothing I Can Do, A Total Eclipse of the Sun

Although everyone in North America will be able to view an eclipse of the sun on Monday, August 21, 2017, there is a specific narrow swath approximately 70 miles wide from Portland in Oregon to Charleston in South Carolina under which a total eclipse of the sun can be viewed and offer the rare treat of being able to view the corona of the sun with the naked eye.

A special Internet web site which was established by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration of the United States — which is more popularly known as NASA — devoted specifically to the total solar eclipse expected to occur next month offers plenty of information pertaining to…

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What is a Texas Gate — and Why Are They in Canada in National Parks?

While visiting the national parks of Banff, Jasper and Yoho in Canada, I frequently came across yellow diamond signs with the words Texas gate written on them — especially near the exits of limited access highways…

…so what exactly is a Texas gate; and why are they in national parks in Canada?

Texas gates are…

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31 Incredibly Useful Tips Every Anxious Traveler Needs To Know?

While I was researching for this article I wrote pertaining to apprehension before going on a trip, I found this article called 31 Incredibly Useful Tips Every Anxious Traveler Needs To Know, which was written by Anna Borges for BuzzFeed; and those suggestions were compiled from members of its community.

“Because your anxiety doesn’t take a vacation just because you do” is the tagline to the article — and that is true. Although it pertains more to depression than anxiety, Andy Luten of Andy’s Travel Blog — a person with whom I have had the pleasure of meeting — recorded what he called a “rant” in a video in which he was quite candid about how travel will not fix you; and he posted that video in this article.

The 31 tips are listed below — along with my commentary…

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Woman Wins Landmark Ruling in El Al Sexism Lawsuit

Renee Rabinowitz was asked to change to a “better seat” when an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man did not want to sit next to her aboard an airplane operating as El Al Flight 028 from Newark to Tel Aviv back in December of 2015.

The “better seat” turned out to be at the end of a row of three seats in which two of the seats were occupied by other women; and Rabinowitz — who is now 83 years of age, was raised as an Orthodox Jewish woman, escaped the Nazis in Europe when she was a child, was married to two rabbis in her lifetime, and is a retired lawyer who currently lives in Jerusalem — felt further insulted because the member of the flight crew who asked her to move had allegedly attempted to mislead her.

Rabinowitz then sued El Al — and she won the lawsuit almost 15 months later.


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Global Commitment of Hilton to Responsibly Source Seafood by 2022: Progress Update

“Seafood is an important part of diets for more than 3 billion people and with 90% of our fish stocks overfished or fished to their ecological limit, the need to source seafood from responsible fisheries and farms is more critical than ever.”

The first year of the initiative for Hilton to responsibly source the seafood it serves its guests by 2022 has elapsed; and this progress report pertaining to the sustainability of seafood — which was released last week — reveals the lessons which have already been learned up to this point and details how Hilton…

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