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Are Dual-Branded Hotel Properties Becoming More Popular?

Ground was broken in March on 14 Street in midtown Atlanta for a new building costing $70 million which will house both AC Hotel by Marriott and Moxy hotel — two of the 30 lodging brands of Marriott International, Incorporated.

It is expected to open during 2018; and the two hotels — AC Hotel by Marriott will be comprised of 133 rooms; while Moxy hotel will accommodate guests in 155 rooms — will share a deck-top amenity space that includes a rooftop pool and bar.

Two brands of the same lodging company may not be so unusual; but two brands of different lodging companies might seem quirky. Consider the project announced in August of 2015 in which…

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Earth Day 2017 — and What Hilton is Doing to Help Save the Environment

When staying at a hotel or resort property, guests think about enjoying themselves on a leisurely vacation to get away from it all; or to conduct business while away from home — not about the environment or its sustainability…

…but lodging does have a significant impact on the environment: all of the towels and linens which need to be washed; all of the floors and furnishings which need to be cleaned and maintained; the plastic which is used for bottles of amenities and water; the paper used for announcements and advertising; the energy which is required to power lights, appliances, vehicles and machinery; and the leftover food which is disposed and cannot be used again for health reasons.

One thing about which many people do not think is…

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Stupid Tip of the Day: Hotel Hopping to Elite Level Status — But…

Benefits such as bonus points, executive lounge access and room upgrades are only some of the reasons why frequent travelers strive to achieve elite level status in frequent guest loyalty programs.

Sometimes you can qualify for elite level status for the following year based on the number of nights which you stay; sometimes you can earn a certain amount of base points per dollar spent; and sometimes you can qualify based on the number of stays…

…but if…

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Do You Turn Off the Refrigerator In Your Hotel Room?

“I have found that the noise and cycling of small in room refrigerators can be maddening. I started turning them off years ago if they were disturbing during the night (one strike policy.) I have found a few that I actually had to pull out to unplug, but managed to do it. I always turn them back on and this exercise only applies to empty refrigerators.”

The paragraph you just read was…

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Matching Curtains and Bed Covers — of Antique Cars

After just having arrived in Riga, I checked into the hotel property at which I am staying for one night; and the room has separated twin beds whose covers match the curtains — the design of which consists of antique cars.

I have never seen that before — and I…

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8 Steps to Elevator Etiquette

If you stay at a hotel property within or near the center of a city, chances are that the building is at least several stories tall — and more likely than not that the elevator may not operate as fast as you prefer…

…and during busy times of the day when many people are wanting to use the elevators simultaneously, wait times can increase exponentially.

I stepped into an elevator recently to go from the ground floor to an upper floor of the building. Just as the doors were closing…

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The Surprise Which I Received at Hilton Tallinn Park

After Jan checked me into the Hilton Tallinn Park hotel property, he informed me that there is a surprise awaiting me — but he would not yet tell me what was the surprise.

I figured that the surprise was some food plate or fruit platter; or perhaps a bottle of wine — but when I was introduced to the surprise, I knew that I would take plenty of photographs…

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