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Amazing Deal? $51.00 Total Car Rental For Nine Days AND 5,000 Hilton Honors Points

For slightly less than $51.00 total — including all taxes and fees — you can rent a car for nine days and possibly earn 5,000 Hilton Honors points in the process.

One rental car company is currently offering a rate of as low as $3.80 per day one way to rent a car from New York and other locations in the northeastern United States to Florida this fall — which is quite possibly the lowest rate ever offered for a promotion such as this — and you could possibly earn 500 base Hilton Honors points plus 500 bonus Hilton Honors points for each day you rent the car up to a maximum of 5,000 points…

…but the oddest part of the $3.80 per day promotion is that…

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More Companies Offer $5 One Way Rental Cars to Florida — Autumn 2017

How does a rental rate of as low as five dollars per day one way sound to you to rent a car from much of the northeastern United States — such as New York or Boston, for example — and drive it to nine destinations in Florida this fall?

If you are able to position yourself to do so, Avis currently offers this promotion with which you can do just that — as well as Budget Rent A Car, which has a similar offer.

Although this offer only lasts until…

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English Nameplates on Japanese Cars: Why?

Of the many things to which I was looking forward on my first trip to Japan years ago was to see what the nameplates on the cars looked like in Japanese. After all, cars manufactured in Japan by Japanese automobile companies would naturally have their names in Japanese characters such as Kanji — right?


Once I was in Japan, I saw…

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Emerald Club Members Save $10 at Escape Lounges in the United States

Members of the Emerald Club frequent renter loyalty program of National Car Rental can now receive a discount of ten dollars of the Internet booking rate at Escape Lounges in the United States when a reservation is booked by Sunday, December 31, 2017 for visits though Thursday, February 1, 2018.

Although additional lounges will supposedly be opening at other airports in the United States “soon”, Escape Lounges are now currently open at…

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Stupid Tip of the Day: Have Vehicle Damage Officially Recorded Before Leaving the Rental Car Facility

“It really only takes under 1 minute to video around the car and zoom in on anything that you may be charged for after the fact when a rental company says ‘you’ did this to the car. The only mistake I made was not panning the camera up to show I was still at the airport and the slot the car was in (will make sure I do that next time).”

You can indeed potentially save yourself time and trouble with this advice which was imparted by…

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Earn Free Rental Days: ONE TWO FREE Promotion From National Car Rental Returns for 2017

As I had mentioned in this article back on Wednesday, June 21, 2017, the ONE TWO FREE promotion from National Car Rental has returned starting today for members of the Emerald Aisle frequent renter loyalty program where you can earn a free rental day for every two qualifying rentals or every time you earn 600 points between now through Wednesday, February 28, 2018.

The points and free rental day coupons will expire at 11:59 in the evening Central Daylight Time on Friday, June 15, 2018 — so after earning them, be sure that you use them before then.

In addition, you can earn points towards a free rental day from bonus opportunities — some of which may be targeted to certain members of Emerald Club — such as…

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