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Your Odds of Dying in an Airplane Crash — Revisited

Your odds of winning the grand prize of the Powerball lottery drawing are one in 292,201,338, according to this article I wrote on Tuesday, January 12, 2016; so I thought I would revisit what the odds are in dying in an airplane crash.

This time, I decided to use these statistics which are offered by the National Safety Council, whose mission is to “eliminates preventable deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the road through leadership, research, education and advocacy.”

Assuming that the odds of dying from all possible causes are 1 in 1, then the lifetime odds of death for the causes listed in the chart below — from most likely to least — are…

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New Travel Warning to Mexico Issued: Should You Avoid Going There?

Citing violent crimes on American citizens — including homicide, kidnapping, carjacking, and robbery — as a result of the activities of criminal organizations, the Department of State of the United States issued this official warning alerting to the risk of traveling to certain parts of Mexico…

…but does that mean that you should not travel there?

Before attempting to answer that question, here is an excerpt from the official warning…

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Qatar Waives Visa Entry Requirements Effective Immediately for Citizens of 80 Countries

Visa requirements for entry into the country of Qatar have been waived for the citizens of 80 different countries effective immediately — meaning that if you are a citizen of one of those countries, you will no longer be required to apply for a visa nor pay for it in order to visit Qatar.

Instead of applying for a visa and paying for it, a multi-entry waiver will be issued free of charge at the port of entry upon presentation of a…

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United States Passports Invalid for Travel to North Korea as of September 1, 2017

As was expected, all United States passports will become invalid for travel to the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea — otherwise known as North Korea — as of Friday, September 1, 2017.
Rex W. Tillerson — who is currently the secretary of state of the Department of State of the United States — declared the new travel restriction on Friday, July 21, 2017 and was released earlier today. He stated the intention for the travel ban is to…

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Possible Car Seat Tip When Traveling With a Smaller Child

“There are a few ways to rent car seats while traveling, one of the easiest ways is by adding it on to a car rental. Most car rental agencies have car seats available for adding on to your car rental reservation.  Typically adding on a car seat will cost about $8 to $12 per day and some car rental agencies will have a weekly discount available. AAA members can receive one free car seat rental per reservation when booking through Hertz.”

Some useful tips pertaining to whether or not you should bring a car seat when traveling with a smaller child are imparted in this article which was written by…

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Stricter Security Procedures to Be Expanded Domestically in the United States

Stricter security measures for items carried aboard airplanes are expected to be eventually expanded to all airports throughout the United States by the Transportation Security Administration through which travelers in standard lanes at airport security checkpoints will be required to place all electronics larger than a mobile telephone in bins — with nothing over or underneath them — for screening.

In standard screening lanes…

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Reminder: 3 Ways to Avoid Being the Victim of Pickpockets

Mere seconds is all the time that is needed for a pickpocket to suddenly ruin your trip — and hours, days or even weeks of time could elapse until you are finally back to some semblance of normal, as by the time you realize that you became the victim of a pickpocket, he or she is already long gone.


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Electronics Ban No Longer Applies to These Five Airlines — But…

The “aviation security enhancements” — which is known more popularly and appropriately as an electronics ban — became effective on Tuesday, March 21, 2017 with which all personal electronic devices larger than a mobile telephone were required to be placed and secured in checked baggage at ten airports from which flights depart for the United States, as they were no longer permitted in carry-on luggage or other accessible property in any passenger cabin aboard airplanes on the affected flights.

As first mentioned in this article pertaining to Royal Jordanian Airlines — from which the news of the electronics ban was first leaked…

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Cash Stolen From Passenger By Transportation Security Administration Agent?

“Whether I’ll proactively remove my wallet from my pocket is another matter. It’s absurd that one would ever be forced to part with one’s money. There are airports in the world where I wouldn’t trust all the contents to reemerge. And putting them in a locked bag pocket isn’t much help, since there are agents who have a problem with my keeping my eye on my bag at all times.”

Seth — who is a reader of The Gate — posted this comment in response to this article pertaining to…

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