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Coffee is the Grossest Thing Aboard Airplanes — Besides the Lavatories?

“Coffee. Don’t drink the coffee on airplanes. It’s the same potable water that goes through the bathroom system”, according to this article pertaining to ten questions you always wanted to ask a flight attendant which supposedly reveals what an anonymous flight attendant told Justin Caffier of Vice. “We recently had a test for E. coli in our water and it didn’t pass, and then maintenance came on and hit a couple buttons and it passed. So, avoid any hot water or tea. Bottled and ice is fine, of course.”

Aside from the fact that the word potable means safe to drink, the water aboard airplanes — which is used in coffee by some airlines — is generally not safe to drink.

“Unless the source of the water used for hot drinks is either…

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New Travel Advisory System From the Department of State of the United States

The Department of State of the United States introduced an improved travel advisory system of sharing information on Wednesday, January 10, 2018 with travelers who citizens of the United States — and this systems is designed to provide clear, timely, and reliable safety and security information worldwide.

The new travel advisories for each country…

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Reader Question: When Should Old Exit Number Signs Come Down?

“I have been traveling I-80 for about 20 years and, in Pennsylvania, they renumbered their exits quite some time ago to align with the road mileage — probably more than 20 years ago. They still have road signs that say ‘Old Exit 50’, but I doubt anyone is using a map that still references these old exit numbers. Is there some kind of law–state or federal–that requires interstates to keep the Old Exit Number reminder signs up there for a certain period of time? I feel like it’s time for those to come down, at least in Pennsylvania. Thanks!”

That intriguing question — at least, intriguing to me, anyway — was asked by…

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Official Response From Hilton About Point Pooling Account Closures

“Good to know about this” is how Wonderful Wanda — who is a reader of The Gate — responded in the Comments section to this article pertaining to the possibility of having a Hilton Honors membership account closed as a result of pooling points. “But we need more DP on exactly why Hilton is doing this. We need to hear from a Hilton spokesperson on this matter.”

I reached out to one of my contacts at Hilton with a link to the aforementioned article; and after thanking me for reaching out and giving Hilton the chance to confirm its commitment to safeguarding the data of its customers, the official response is as follows…

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Credit Card Security Breach at 41 Hyatt Hotel Properties in Eleven Countries

The cyber security team at Hyatt Hotels Corporation discovered signs of — and then purportedly resolved — unauthorized access to payment card information from credit cards which were manually entered or swiped at the front desk of 41 different hotel or resort properties in eleven countries between Saturday, March 18, 2017 and Sunday, July 2, 2017.

A list of the hotel and resort properties affected by this breach is included in this article.

The following text is this letter from…

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Stupid Tip of the Day: Do Not Pull That Emergency Cord Unless In an Emergency

Although red emergency cords are not typically found in hotels within the United States, they are found in various hotel and resort properties around the world — including in executive lounges and even next to bathtubs…

…but what if that cord next to the bathtub is not colored red; has a similar pull chain on the end similar to that of a way to switch a light on and off; and no signage clearly indicates that the cord should only be pulled in case of emergency?

A person I know went to Italy for the first time…

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Your Odds of Dying in an Airplane Crash — Revisited

Your odds of winning the grand prize of the Powerball lottery drawing are one in 292,201,338, according to this article I wrote on Tuesday, January 12, 2016; so I thought I would revisit what the odds are in dying in an airplane crash.

This time, I decided to use these statistics which are offered by the National Safety Council, whose mission is to “eliminates preventable deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the road through leadership, research, education and advocacy.”

Assuming that the odds of dying from all possible causes are 1 in 1, then the lifetime odds of death for the causes listed in the chart below — from most likely to least — are…

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