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Hilton Partners With Travel and Transport on Integration of Mobile Software Application Programs

Hilton has partnered with Travel and Transport, Incorporated — which is the fifth largest travel management company in the United States — to seamlessly integrate mobile software application programs designed to streamline the business travel experience for clients of Travel and Transport in what is being called a first in the hotel industry.

With this new update, clients of Travel and Transport can…

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Another Airline, Another Meltdown: This Time, British Airways

British Airways is currently undergoing a “major IT system failure” which will hopefully be resolved in the next couple of hours — and the major global disruption has apparently been occurring for at least the past seven hours, according to this discussion which was posted on FlyerTalk.

The official announcement from British Airways is as follows…

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Does Anyone Send Postcards Anymore?

While walking down a street in Warsaw as I was passing by a rack of postcards, I wondered to myself: “Who actually sends postcards anymore?”

Postcards were still a way of letting people know that you were thinking of them while you were away from home when…

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Smart Sex Toy Lawsuit Settled for $3.75 Million

If you get — er — lonely while traveling and you use technology to remotely connect with someone else for an intimate experience powered by technology, you may want to rethink that idea if you value you privacy.

In this settlement agreement filed on Thursday…

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Update: Hilton Honors Points & Money Option is Now Live — But…

Effective as of Wednesday, March 1, 2017 as a member of the Hilton Honors frequent guest loyalty program, you are now able to use a flexible payment slider to choose nearly any combination of points and money to pay for your stay — any time — with no blackout dates. You can still opt to use all points on award stays; and you can continue to enjoy the popular 5th Night Free benefit if you have earned elite level status…

…but reviews of this new option have been mixed. Either lower point redemption rates, reduced cash spend, or a combination of both have been reported for various hotel and resort properties — but there are slightly more negative reports than positive ones primarily due to three issues which have been reported since the rollout of this new feature…

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Test Piloting a New Airbus A350 Flight Simulator: An Engine Fire as Part of This Teaser

New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Seattle, Atlanta and Goose Bay — you know, the airport in Newfoundland and Labrador where airplanes divert in the event of an emergency such as when this Boeing 767-300 aircraft operating as United Airlines flight 958 from Chicago to London had to land there back in June of 2015 — were amongst the destinations on the spontaneous flight itinerary during a solid two hours in an Airbus A350 flight simulator so new that a pilot has yet to be officially trained in it.

We eventually experienced a fire in Engine 1…

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How to Add Spoilers to FlyerTalk and InsideFlyer

You would like to post content to the forums of FlyerTalk or InsideFlyer; but you might want some or all of the content to be hidden for whatever reason — perhaps to save space with a feature which is both expandable and collapsible.

The feature is known as a spoiler; and although it has been around for years, members of FlyerTalk or InsideFlyer rarely use it — even though it is really easy to use.

Here are the instructions as follows…

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More Computer System Issues at Delta Air Lines?

I just received word moments ago that passengers had to manually be checked in to board an airplane at Raleigh-Durham International Airport because — according to my source — “nothing is working.”

There is no word yet as to whether or not this is an isolated issue; but as I get more information, I intend to report it.

Please stay tuned…

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