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Why I Could Not Visit the Tower at Olympic Stadium in Helsinki

Visiting the tower at Olympiastadion — or Olympic Stadium in English — was not high on my list of priorities in terms of places to visit; but because it was located only slightly greater than a kilometer northeast of the Sibelius Monument, I thought I would take the walk to see it.

One reason as to why I already thought my visit to the tower at Olympic Stadium would be unsuccessful was…

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An Unusual Sculpture: Sibelius Monument in Helsinki

One of the sites in Helsinki at which I wanted to visit on my morning walk from the Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa was the Sibelius Monument in Helsinki — and it was conveniently on my way. I walked southeast on Paciuksenkatu — and at the turn where the thoroughfare becomes Linnankoskenkatu, I turned right onto a quiet street named Merikannontie, which was adjacent to one of the many inlets of the Gulf of Finland.

I approached Sibeliuksen puisto — which is Sibelius Park in English — where the unusual sculpture is located…

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Walking One Snowy Morning in Helsinki

I checked out of the Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa hotel that snowy morning after staying one night. The next hotel property at which I was to stay that night was located much closer to the city center of Helsinki; but I had time — so I decided to walk.

If I were to have walked straight from one hotel property to another, I would have needed 90 minutes or so — but…

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Review: Hilton Helsinki Kalastajatorppa

After taking the train from the airport and transferring to a bus — which was actually quite easy for me — I walked a few meters in the cold weather along Ramsaynranta. To my right was Gert Skytten puisto — puisto is park in Finnish — and to my left across the boulevard was an inlet of the Gulf of Finland.

I then turned right on Kärkitie and heading up a long block or so to Kalastajatorpantie; and before turning right again…

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“Your Mother Went Up in the Smoke”: A Sad Short Story From Auschwitz

The pebbles crushed the soil below as they crunched under my feet while I walked along the dirt road past the many barracks where Jewish people from the Theresienstadt concentration camp — which was also known as the Theresienstadt ghetto — were held at the former concentration camp known as Auschwitz-Birkenau.

The wooden barracks stood as they had for decades: bleak, barren and bone-chilling, concealing myriad tales of horror which would otherwise be revealed if they could talk.

Threatening storm clouds were forming towards the southwest, angry and foreboding the ominous inclement weather which was to inevitably arrive.

I spotted…

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The Invasion of Concrete Turtles in Helsinki: The Explanation

Helsinki is certainly a walkable city; but I kept seeing concrete turtles in many areas and was wondering if there was any symbolism or significance to them…

…and I found what is believed to be the explanation behind their proliferation about the city, which occurred…

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Helsinki Airport to the Hotel Via Train and Bus is Easy

“Travel from Helsinki Airport into central Helsinki just became significantly easier and faster, now that the Helsinki Airport train station has opened to passenger traffic as of Friday, July 10, 2015,” according to this article which I wrote — “and the new train station is served by Ring Rail Line trains I and P.”

Fewer than two years later, I finally had the opportunity to ride on this train as a passenger.

The trip from the airport to the hotel involved both the train and a bus; and the time to take the trip was approximately…

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Amsterdam to Helsinki Was Better Than the Transatlantic Flight in Some Ways

After sitting in the same “window” seat for more than eight hours on the airplane during the flight from Atlanta to Amsterdam and having been processed through the Passport Control area at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, I was on my way to the gate with a few minutes to spare to catch the next flight to Helsinki.

I waited in the crowded waiting area at the gate where…

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Helsinki Has One of the Ugliest Sculptures I Have Ever Seen

While I was walking on Tyynenmerenkatu in Helsinki on my way to the terminal where the vessel which operates as the ferry to Estonia was scheduled to depart, I spotted an unusual sculpture out of the corner of my eye which is located across the street just north of the terminal.

I just stared at it, thinking…

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The One Minor Negative Aspect of the Schengen Area of Europe

After the long journey from Atlanta and the airplane landed and pulled into the gate, I was processed through the Passport Control area at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol; and I was asked a couple of questions after waiting in line for approximately 20 minutes — such as whether the travel was business or leisure.

I did not mind waiting in line as I had some time before the airplane is scheduled to depart on its flight to Helsinki; and once the passport control agent was satisfied with my answers to his questions, he stamped my passport and I was on my way to the gate with a few minutes to spare.

The problem is that…

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