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Hilton Copenhagen Airport to Switch to Clarion: Retro Review

Effective as of Friday, March 31, 2017, the Hilton Copenhagen Airport will become a Clarion hotel property after its acquisition by the founder of the Nordic Choice hotel group — which is a real shame, as this hotel property will be a loss for Hilton, in my opinion.

I stayed at the Hilton Copenhagen Airport hotel property on an award stay back in September of 2008 and enjoyed my stay; so I thought that in honor of this hotel property, I would post a retro review while it is still branded as part of the Hilton portfolio.

The hotel is located…

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Cape Buffalo on Safari in Kenya

Cape buffalo Syncerus is also known as African buffalo and is considered one of the big five game in Africa along with the lion, elephant, rhinoceros and leopard; but in no way are either Cape buffalo in Africa or Water buffalo in South Asia are closely related to bison.

In fact…

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Cresta President Hotel May Be the Best Place to Stay in Gaborone — But Not For Long

The skies darkened rather quickly over Botswana as I drove across the border from South Africa at the Kopfontein border crossing; and the primarily flat terrain afforded me a full view of the massively ominous cumulonimbus cloud with the opaque curtain of precipitation beneath it.

I drove on the straight two-lane road towards Gaborone — where I was to stay for the night — as I neared the culmination of a drive of greater than four hours…

…and as I turned left onto Botswana Road from Independence Avenue, I realized that…

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Dining at the Oldest Restaurant in Florida: Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City

Although I have dined at an establishment in Madrid which proclaims to be the oldest restaurant in the world — and that claim has been vehemently disputed by readers of The Gate — I have never dined at what is proclaimed as the oldest restaurant in Florida and the largest Spanish restaurant in the world…

…but as part of a large group, I had the opportunity to dine at Columbia Restaurant at its original location in the Ybor City Historic District of Tampa, which…

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Surprised by the Mesmerizing Sharjah Fountain at Al Majaz Waterfront

Looking to get a quick snack, I left the Hilton Sharjah hotel property and walked along the waterfront of Khalid Lake in the sultry nighttime air. Save for a few pedestrians and some cars motoring along Corniche Street, the outdoor area was rather serene amongst the lights of myriad windows from all of the tall buildings surrounding the lake.

I approached the Al Majaz Waterfront in both the third largest and third most populous city in the United Arab Emirates located in the emirate of Sharjah, of which I have conducted little research prior to arriving in this eponymous city. In fact, I had never heard of Sharjah prior to planning my trip to the United Arab Emirates; and staying at the Hilton Sharjah — a trip report is forthcoming despite already being significantly delayed — was less expensive than many lodging options in Dubai just a few miles to the southwest.

Plenty of dining options of various types are located at the Al Majaz Waterfront — including…

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Hyatt On The Bund in Shanghai as a Last-Minute Hotel Option

Due to my flight from Shanghai to Manila being cancelled for that evening and not being able to travel until 24 hours later — I received no notice about the cancellation and only found out when I arrived at the airport in Seoul earlier that morning — I booked a reservation at the last minute at Hyatt on the Bund, as it was the hotel with…

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Scoring a Suite at Hilton Nairobi

After being on safari for four days, eating remarkably well and seeing such animals as cheetahs, lions, baboons, elephants, giraffes, zebras, rhinoceroses, monkeys, birds, African buffalo and other animals, I had one night left to spend in Kenya; so I chose to stay at the Hilton Nairobi hotel property to wind down and relax before…

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One Place Where You Can Walk Across an Intersection Diagonally

After we finished eating dinner, we were walking along the crowded downtown streets on this weekend night in the District of Columbia when we reached the busy intersection of Seventh Street Northwest and G Street Northwest.

“Wait here,” he said to me.

“Why?” I asked, puzzled.

“You will see,” he replied.

I have a penchant for…

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Where Was This Photograph Taken?

Amidst all of the news and rhetoric pertaining to the recent election — as well as travel, miles and points in general — I thought I would take a moment to post an easy game for you to play just for fun: can you guess where was this photograph taken?

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My First Flight With United Airlines in Years

Years have passed since I last flew as a passenger aboard an airplane operated by United Airlines — not for any other reason that I simply had not felt compelled with the opportunity to do so — but the airfare of $116.20 round trip including taxes and fees between Atlanta and Washington Dulles International Airport was the least expensive of its competitors and I had a conference in the District of Columbia; so I snagged the deal…

…which, by the way, is still available for…

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