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Was I Almost Taken For a Ride For Being Taken For a Ride?

The wind was persistently trying to cut through me on yet another cold, blustery and grey winter day in April as I stood at the 17 Stycznia bus stop waiting for the bus to arrive.

Bus route 175 is rather convenient for traveling from Warsaw Chopin Airport to central Warsaw and the Old Town. Buses typically travel every ten minutes or so; but this was a Saturday morning, so the wait was longer.

When I checked out of the…

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Sunrise Over Warsaw

I awoke this cool and crisp morning in Warsaw to watch the sun rise while in my room — specifically over the area near the central train station building, which would be located…

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Sunrise Over Minsk

I awoke this cool and crisp morning in Minsk to watch the sun rise while in my room — specifically over the central train station building in the center of the photograph and what are known as the City Gates on the left.

After arriving in Minsk, I…

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I Tested the New Relaxed Visa Requirements of Belarus. Here is What Happened…

If you had been hoping to visit Belarus — whose capital city is Minsk — and you are a citizen of one of 80 countries of which visa requirements have been relaxed, you are in luck, as visa requirements were relaxed effective as of Sunday, February 12, 2017…

…but there are a few “catches” about which you should know upon establishment of visa-free entry and exit of foreign nationals, according to…

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Great. The Soles Just Fell Off Both My Running Shoes. Now What?!?

After having just finished my second day of exploring Vilnius here in Lithuania, I retired to my room at the hotel property and decided to remove my running shoes off of my feet…

…and the soles fell off. No, not on one of the running shoes — both of them.

I sat there, stunned and angry — but I…

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Matching Curtains and Bed Covers — of Antique Cars

After just having arrived in Riga, I checked into the hotel property at which I am staying for one night; and the room has separated twin beds whose covers match the curtains — the design of which consists of antique cars.

I have never seen that before — and I…

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The Surprise Which I Received at Hilton Tallinn Park

After Jan checked me into the Hilton Tallinn Park hotel property, he informed me that there is a surprise awaiting me — but he would not yet tell me what was the surprise.

I figured that the surprise was some food plate or fruit platter; or perhaps a bottle of wine — but when I was introduced to the surprise, I knew that I would take plenty of photographs…

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