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Drinking Incredible Water on Athabasca Glacier

Other than climbing on Exit Glacier in Alaska, I have not actually been on a glacier — so when I found out that not only can I access Athabasca Glacier in the Rocky Mountains of Canada and stand on it but also drink the water fresh off of the glacier, I could not resist.

I paid for the tickets in advance to save money. If you pay for the tickets at least 48 hours in advance, you can save…

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The Annual Gilroy Garlic Festival Stinks — and That is a Good Thing

I remember driving alone south on United States Highway 101 into Gilroy from the Silicon Valley area — and that familiar pungent odor of my favorite bulb welcomed by my olfactory sense confirmed that I was nearing the self-proclaimed garlic capital of the world long before I reached its borders.

I paid the entrance fee and studied the festive atmosphere, complete with loud music, booths with vendors selling their garlic-laced wares, and plenty of people. I typically eschew crowds, but bizarrely I did not mind them this time — perhaps it was…

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Air Traffic Control: Behind the Scenes at Atlanta A80 Terminal Radar Approach Control Facility

“Hi!” was the enthusiastic greeting by a man garbed in jeans and a T-shirt as he turned around away from the monitors and noticed that there were visitors in the darkened round room where approximately a dozen other people were quietly working away…

…but do not be fooled: working as an air traffic controller for the Federal Aviation Administration of the Department of Transportation of the United States is far removed from being a relaxing job. In fact, the profession is one of the most stressful, with its…

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This Snack Should Be in the United States. I Really Enjoyed It.

After spending my first night at the Hilton Garden Inn Calgary Airport hotel and on my way to my first day of exploring in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, I stopped off at the Chinook Centre to pick up a few snacks and some water…

…and among the snacks which I wanted to try while I was in Canada that are not readily available in the United States was…

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A Canadian Hummingbird — Just Because

I forgot to include this neglected avian buddy in two separate articles: this one pertaining to Mount Robson Lodge at which I arguably had the best view from a room I had ever seen during my years of travels; and this one which listed some of my new animal friends from the Rocky Mountains in Canada.

Because I neglected this poor little guy twice, I…

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The Best View From a Room I Have Ever Seen?

How often do you experience what is arguably one of the best views and one of the worst views from a room which you have ever seen during the same trip?

Well, that phenomenon happened during my recent trip to the Rocky Mountains of Canada, as this hotel room was a candidate for one of the worst views I have ever experienced from a hotel room at any time during my years of travel…

…but I booked lodging as a customer for the first time using…

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I Saved $40 at at This Place?!?

As a customer for the first time at, I received $40.00 back on my credit card statement shortly after I successfully completed my stay with which I spent a minimum of $80.00 or more on lodging…

…but where exactly did I stay?!?

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A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Lake Louise

No traffic light exists at the intersection of Lake Louise Drive and Village Road — rather, traffic from all four directions is required to stop at this intersection…

…but on days during which traffic can potentially be a problem, someone is assigned to the intersection to manually direct traffic.

Several vehicles were lined up in front of me in the right lane — including a minivan, which was directly in front of me.

Once the minivan arrived at the…

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11 Things You Should Know About Driving Across Borders in Southern Africa

The decision to drive around southern Africa for two weeks was a good one for me, as I thoroughly enjoyed my road trips — but there are some things about which you should know if you intend to embark on a similar adventure.

Not all border crossing experiences are the same, as one border post can be different from another — even if they both serve the same two countries.

Based on my experiences, here are eleven suggestions on how to ensure that your experience crossing borders between countries in southern Africa can be less stressful, confusing, daunting and frustrating…

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Are the Real Geographic Centers of the United States Incorrectly Marked?

Several years prior to 2008 — while I was on a business trip to Spearfish — I drove almost 13 miles north on United States Highway 85 to Belle Fourche so that I may visit the geographic center of the 50 United States, which is located within 12 miles of the Wyoming border…

…but when I arrived near the exact spot, I could not find it. No signage was available. The experience was as though the spot did not exist.

Confused, I…

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