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The One Minor Negative Aspect of the Schengen Area of Europe

After the long journey from Atlanta and the airplane landed and pulled into the gate, I was processed through the Passport Control area at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol; and I was asked a couple of questions after waiting in line for approximately 20 minutes — such as whether the travel was business or leisure.

I did not mind waiting in line as I had some time before the airplane is scheduled to depart on its flight to Helsinki; and once the passport control agent was satisfied with my answers to his questions, he stamped my passport and I was on my way to the gate with a few minutes to spare.

The problem is that…

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The Worst Scenario For the Window Seater? A Trip Report

Prior to any flight on an airplane which I am assigned to a window seat, I will ensure that I use the facilities at the airport as close to departure time as possible — primarily for the reasons of wanting to cause only minimal disruption at best to the passengers seated in the middle seat and aisle seat in the row in which I will be sitting in case I need to use the lavatory during the flight.

During a typical long-haul flight, the passengers seated next to me typically get up at least once — either to use the lavatory or simply to stretch their legs; and I usually get up when they do to keep that disruption to them at a minimum — but on this particular flight…

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Graupel Fell From the Sky in Riga One Morning

I walked out the door of the hotel that cold morning, hoping to catch a sunrise like I did in Minsk and a sunset such as the one in Helsinki — only to find snow on the ground; and snow was still falling…

…but a closer look revealed to me something which I do not recall ever seeing before: the precipitation was more like…

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Partial Rainbow Over Warsaw

For the first time on my trip, the precipitation was in the form of rain instead of snow when I was in Warsaw — but just barely, as the air was still bordering on frigid…

…but once this first round of precipitation ended, I was treated to a partial rainbow from…

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Does Anyone Send Postcards Anymore?

While walking down a street in Warsaw as I was passing by a rack of postcards, I wondered to myself: “Who actually sends postcards anymore?”

Postcards were still a way of letting people know that you were thinking of them while you were away from home when…

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The Racing Bus Driver of Minsk

She gave me change for what I paid for the bus fare to return to the airport so that I can catch a flight to Warsaw. I was about to leave Minsk; and I boarded the route 300Э bus in the central bus station, which is hidden underneath a shopping mall adjacent to the central train station.

As is my preference, I sat in a window seat as I placed my bag on the rack. I was on the side of the driver so that I may watch the world go by.

When I arrived in Minsk…

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Getting From Minsk National Airport Into the City Centre

Once arriving at Minsk National Airport, there are several options available in order to the city centre — but keep in mind that the airport is approximately 25 miles due east of Minsk; and the ride can be up to 50 kilometers in length. The ride is not a short jaunt no matter which method is used.

As with many other cities around the world, there are several options available to transfer from the airport which…

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Belavia Belarusian Airlines: My First Flight

In order to take advantage of the new relaxed visa requirements of Belarus effective as of Sunday, February 12, 2017, I booked a flight operated by Belavia Belarusian Airlines from Vilnius to Minsk to test out the experience, as detailed in this article.

There was a flight which left at…

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Was I Almost Taken For a Ride For Being Taken For a Ride?

The wind was persistently trying to cut through me on yet another cold, blustery and grey winter day in April as I stood at the 17 Stycznia bus stop waiting for the bus to arrive.

Bus route 175 is rather convenient for traveling from Warsaw Chopin Airport to central Warsaw and the Old Town. Buses typically travel every ten minutes or so; but this was a Saturday morning, so the wait was longer.

When I checked out of the…

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Sunrise Over Warsaw

I awoke this cool and crisp morning in Warsaw to watch the sun rise while in my room — specifically over the area near the central train station building, which would be located…

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