British Airways Breaks Violins?

Is British Airways responsible for a broken violin belonging to one of its passengers in the case of British Airways breaks violins?

“We had hoped they would do the right thing, but after British Airways agents in Beirut forced my friend to check her violin (to Denver, routed through Paris) and crushed it in the baggage hold, they are being completely unresponsive, saying it was her fault, and refusing to reimburse her, after telling her to get an appraisal for replacement value”, a person named Sara Avery posted August 7, 2014 on Facebook. “Many people carried on bigger bags. There is no excuse for this, British Airways! You have destroyed the means by which she makes her living!”

The latest reported update in this — er…case — as of August 18, 2014 is as follows…

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Tell Your September 11 Stories

To commemorate the ninth anniversary of the tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2010, FlyerTalk member Speedbird279 asks fellow FlyerTalk members about September 11, 2001: tell us your travel stories.

Not only do FlyerTalk members oblige, but there are links to threads first posted on September 11, 2010 which will transport the reader back in time to that day and read what was posted as the events were unfolding…

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OpenSkies: Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

OpenSkies Unveils Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee, which might have been a first in the airline industry had it not been for the recollection of a FlyerTalk member who remembers Pan Am World Airways offering a money-back guarantee on their first class product from the United Kingdom after the Lockerbie, Scotland tragedy but before they permanently went out of business.

Because of a recommendation rating of 96.85% surveyed amongst greater than 4,000 passengers, OpenSkies is confident about offering this money-back satisfaction guarantee to its customers.

Is this merely a marketing stunt by OpenSkies, a foolish offer to make, or a brilliant business decision? Only time will tell, although the money-back satisfaction guarantee offer is rather limited.

Here is my review of the inaugural flight on OpenSkies a couple of years ago, as well as photographs taken by me of the experience.

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BA strike 22 Dec – 2 Jan

A strike on BA has been confirmed for the Christmas period. Details are yet to emerge on how BA will handle rebookings and reroutings other than a notice that passengers flying BA from 20 Dec to 4 Jan can change their travel dates free of charge.

The subject is fast moving with lots of threads in the BA forum on related topics.

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British Airways and Iberia Agree to Merge

British Airways and Spanish airline Iberia have confirmed that a merger of the two airlines is to occur. The proposed new company will be based in Spain with its headquarters in the United Kingdom.

Follow more information on this breaking news in the Merger with Iberia [Merger deal agreed 12 Nov] thread, along with the links to news stories related to this news found in the thread.

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“This Salad Really Bugs Me”

Imagine the First Class Meal Experience [Dead insect in my salad] experienced by FlyerTalk member TriStar1011 on a British Airways flight from Mumbai. Nobody likes to find an insect in their meal, and the discovery was allegedly bad enough for the appetite of TriStar1011 to be lost for the duration of the flight where the remainder of the meal was not eaten.

Why, then, amongst the buzz of the discussion are some FlyerTalk members unsympathetic with the experience of TriStar1011?

Caution: amidst the discussion is talk of how many insects humans may have unknowingly consumed in a particular time period…

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Could a Strike Be in the Future for British Airways?

Before one considers booking an airfare to be a passenger on a British Airways flight in the near future, one may want to be continuously be apprised by checking often the information posted in the Strike ballot called: here we go thread, where more details about a possible strike may be found, as well as speculation discussing how a strike could impact the future of British Airways.

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