FlyerTalk Member Witnesses Fighter Jets Intercepting Airplane

Gripen military fighter aircraft from the air force of Hungary scrambled to meet and identify a Boeing 777-200 airplane — which entered the air space over Hungary and did not initiate proper radio communications with authorities on the ground — during flight 108 operated by British Airways from Dubai to London on Saturday, April 30, 2016; and a member of FlyerTalk who was a passenger aboard that airplane…

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European Commission and Shareholders Approve Aer Lingus Sale

The European Commission has cleared the proposed €1.36 billion acquisition of a stake of 30 percent of Aer Lingus by International Consolidated Airlines Group from Ryanair, according to this official press release; and a review of this acquisition by the Department of Justice of the United States has apparently been “satisfactorily concluded.”

The acquisition was contingent upon conditions which were approved by shareholders of Aer Lingus earlier today at a meeting in Dublin, according to this article written by Pamela Newenham of The Irish Times. The conditions include the following…

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British Airways Shareholder Discount Scheme to Be Discontinued

If you are a stockholder of the parent company of British Airways, you are most likely quite happy with the financial performance of shares of its stock over the past six years; but if you are also a frequent flier, there is some bad news for you.

According to text from an e-mail message by Sarah Billington — who is the manager of shareholder services at International Consolidated Airlines Group, which is the parent company of British Airways — received by FlyerTalk members, the British Airways shareholder discount scheme will end on Thursday, January 31, 2015…

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British Airways Breaks Violins?

Is British Airways responsible for a broken violin belonging to one of its passengers in the case of British Airways breaks violins?

“We had hoped they would do the right thing, but after British Airways agents in Beirut forced my friend to check her violin (to Denver, routed through Paris) and crushed it in the baggage hold, they are being completely unresponsive, saying it was her fault, and refusing to reimburse her, after telling her to get an appraisal for replacement value”, a person named Sara Avery posted August 7, 2014 on Facebook. “Many people carried on bigger bags. There is no excuse for this, British Airways! You have destroyed the means by which she makes her living!”

The latest reported update in this — er…case — as of August 18, 2014 is as follows…

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Tell Your September 11 Stories

To commemorate the ninth anniversary of the tragedy that occurred on September 11, 2010, FlyerTalk member Speedbird279 asks fellow FlyerTalk members about September 11, 2001: tell us your travel stories.

Not only do FlyerTalk members oblige, but there are links to threads first posted on September 11, 2010 which will transport the reader back in time to that day and read what was posted as the events were unfolding…

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OpenSkies: Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back

OpenSkies Unveils Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee, which might have been a first in the airline industry had it not been for the recollection of a FlyerTalk member who remembers Pan Am World Airways offering a money-back guarantee on their first class product from the United Kingdom after the Lockerbie, Scotland tragedy but before they permanently went out of business.

Because of a recommendation rating of 96.85% surveyed amongst greater than 4,000 passengers, OpenSkies is confident about offering this money-back satisfaction guarantee to its customers.

Is this merely a marketing stunt by OpenSkies, a foolish offer to make, or a brilliant business decision? Only time will tell, although the money-back satisfaction guarantee offer is rather limited.

Here is my review of the inaugural flight on OpenSkies a couple of years ago, as well as photographs taken by me of the experience.

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