Free Wi-Fi and Breakfast for Two at AccorHotels When You Pay With Your MasterCard in Asia Pacific Region

When you book a stay with a minimum of one night at greater than 400 participating hotel and resort properties of AccorHotels in 17 countries across the Asia Pacific region through Monday, October 31, 2016 and use your MasterCard credit card to pay for your room rate, you will enjoy both free Wi-Fi access to the Internet and complimentary breakfast for two.

You must…

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Yet Another Best in Travel Awards Has Debuted. This Time, The Winners Are…

Yet another best in travel awards has debuted this year which is purported to be based on value — “great choices at great value” which is supposedly considered more universal and useful — and this time, it is by Money…

…and the results are in regarding its first Best in Travel Awards — and they are purported to be both timely and handy. “A vacation should feel like a reward, but that doesn’t mean it should break the bank. The trouble is that most travel guides either ignore the expense factor or obsess over it, turning the bargain hunt into the main adventure.” This “ultimate vacation value guide” is “packed with the kind of intel that makes saving money as easy as a walk on the beach.”

Are you ready to see if that claim is substantiated?

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Watch For This Scam On Credit Cards With Chips Embedded In Them

Despite chips — which are designed with the specific purpose to mitigate the possibility of fraud being committed by nefarious individuals — now being embedded in credit cards issued within the United States, there is a classic scam which has been tweaked and is currently being perpetrated on holders of these more secure credit cards to steal money from them.

This chip is…

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Sapphire, Ink and Other Cards: My First Posting

After a long transoceanic flight, it will be great to be back in the United States. Not much longer, I thought to myself. One obvious clue is the forms being passed around by the flight attendants to the passengers aboard the aircraft. We are required to fill out those forms, whether or not we have anything to declare once we pass through Customs.

I tried to use my pen, but the ink — bold and blue, normally — has apparently dried, rendering my writing apparatus useless. Was my frustration really that apparent?

The woman who sat next to me eyed my dilemma. I had not noticed her before during the entire flight — probably because…

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Credit Card Affiliate Links: The Debate Continues…

“Banner ads, long forgotten as a viable revenue source, are slowly being replaced by credit card referrals and affiliate links that can earn $100 or more from each successful applicant — an amount that drastically outpaces revenue from advertisements.”

So says Grant Martin in this article called The Blurring Ethical Lines Between Credit Card Companies and Travel Writers he authored for Skift, continuing the debate over the controversial practice of articles with a proliferation of credit card affiliate links or content which is disguised as a blunt “advertisement” for banks who aggressively push those credit cards through weblogs in order to provoke people to sign up for those credit cards.

How blurred are those ethical lines depends on what you read. One of the most vocal advocates who opposes what appears to be the rampant growth of articles crammed with credit card affiliate links is…

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Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud: What You Can Do and How to Reduce Your Risk

The bank which issued one of my credit cards sent an e-mail message yesterday claiming to have denied a charge from a company from which I have never heard. I was asked to click either a green Yes button to verify the legitimacy of that questionable charge; or a red No button to indeed verify that the charge was not legitimate.

I did what you are supposed to do: call the bank which issued the credit card and speak to a live person and never click on the link provided in the e-mail message nor respond to the e-mail message. I have received a lot of e-mail messages lately from what appear to be legitimate companies asking me to click on a link to either send them information or verify something; and almost always, I hover my cursor over the link for a second, which then ultimately reveals the usual confirmation that the e-mail message is a “phishing” scam where a questionable entity is attempting to gather vital information from me — most likely for the sender to send a virus to my computer or be able to steal my identity.

Upon calling the telephone number on the rear of my credit card — which I did last night — the representative confirmed that…

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The Credit Card Affiliate Links Controversy

There has been a fierce debate pertaining to credit card affiliate links amongst those who “blog” about travel, miles and points — and that debate has been heated up recently by Ric Garrido of Loyalty Travel.

Although I would not label anyone an “airhead”, I thought it was a well-written article which was frank, honest and personal.

Unbeknownst to me, I received a live preview of that article as I walked with Ric down a crowded sidewalk on the…

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Dollar and Euro at Parity by 2017?

It might interest Martin J Cowling of the Wild About Travel weblog — who wrote an interesting article about getting to know your currency — that the euro is on its way to achieving parity with the dollar by the end of 2017, according to analysts at Goldman Sachs Group Incorporated as reported in this article by James Ramage of The Wall Street Journal.

The last time that the euro and the dollar were at parity was in 2002 — which is the year it entered circulation as a physical currency.

Martin wrote that if he could have his way…

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