Photographs of What NOT to Do With a Rental From Enterprise

While I was out waiting for the start of an event, I had to look twice to see what happened to a truck whose driver apparently ignored a low clearance warning for an overpass and did some significant damage to the top of the cargo area of a panel truck, as shown in these photographs of what NOT to do with a rental from Enterprise Rent-A-Car — or, in this case, Enterprise Truck Rental.

Without further ado, here is what the truck looked like after the incident — and no, I…

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Be Careful About Returning Rental Cars After Hours…

I rented a car on a Saturday for 24 hours from a local office of Enterprise Rent-A-Car not far from where I am based for me to take a day trip where the destination is four hours away.

When I went to return the vehicle at the office on Sunday, it was closed; so I figured I would drop the keys off in the drop box located on the left side of the entrance to the office — until I read the words at the bottom…

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