In Memoriam: biggestbopper

“American Express and Delta show that offering (nearly) worthless Sky Pesos can be effective as a marketing tool. Folks don’t know how worthless they are until redemption is attempted.”

What you just read was what FlyerTalk member biggestbopper posted on…

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Airport Lounges Forum Now Open on FlyerTalk

You are not required to be a holder of a ticket for a seat in the first class cabin or business class cabin — or an elite member of a frequent flier loyalty program — to enjoy the comfort of an airport lounge.

A new forum is now open on FlyerTalk pertaining to the advice and discussion of lounges at airports, which explores the growing range of alternatives — such as…

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How to Disable Infinite Scroll on FlyerTalk

When FlyerTalk underwent an upgrade to the software that powers it on Wednesday, November 15, 2017, a functionality known as Infinite Scroll became the default in terms of viewing content — and many FlyerTalk members expressed their dislike for it for a variety of reasons.

If you happen to be one of those FlyerTalk members, you can easily turn Infinite Scroll off…

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What is New About the Upgrade to FlyerTalk

After being down this morning, FlyerTalk had undergone a major upgrade which is supposed to provide several significant improvements; and for the first time in years — arguably since FlyerTalk was first powered by the vBulletin bulletin board software platform on April 1, 2004 — the overall look of FlyerTalk is different.

Improvements in functionality affect the user interface overall — as well as the gallery of photographs; the process of uploading photographs both using a computer and your mobile telephone; and arranging those photographs.

Details of the improvements are as follows…

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New: FlyerTalk Wiki is Now Open

FlyerTalk has long been a valuable resource for discussing all aspects of miles and points — and, eventually, travel and dining as well — but sometimes seeking information buried in content posted 28,275,863 times in 1,607,420 discussions over greater than 19 years can be rather daunting and difficult.

To remedy that issue, a new reference library of sorts known as the FlyerTalk Wiki is now open. Using similar software and functionality to that of Wikipedia, any…

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Merry Christmas! The FlyerTalk Secret Santa Returns in 2017!

Taking a break from hurricanes and the late summer heat in the northern hemisphere, the Secret Santa Extravaganza occurs yet again on FlyerTalk for the fifteenth consecutive year — and once again, your host, coordinator and organizer is none other than FlyerTalk member wharvey, who founded the concept on FlyerTalk and launched the first thread back in 2003.

The expected minimum on which you should plan to spend on your gift purchase is…

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Should FlyerTalk Have a Like Button?

“Can you implement a like button at the very least? Plenty of other forums have the and all sorts of other buttons such as: disagree, funny, informative, excellent topic, dislike, old” is what FlyerTalk member Silver Fox posted. “We have all this other social media stuff so it makes perfect sense to implement this.”

The renewed interest pertaining to the implementation of adding the functionality of a like button on FlyerTalk is once again being considered — and it has been considered for years, as I first reported in this article written on Wednesday, December 24, 2014.

Since its inception in…

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In Memoriam: ldsant

Almost two years have passed since the last time FlyerTalk member ldsant posted any content on FlyerTalk — the last time she posted was in the OMNI forum on Wednesday, October 28, 2015 — but the last word of advice she gave on Sunday, October 25, 2015 at 2:13 in the morning Eastern Daylight Time was “Would definitely recommend Aloft PHX airport. Staff is great. They also have a shuttle that will take you within 3 miles of the hotel. The Sheraton downtown PHX is my second choice. Nice rooms. As others have said though, if you want to make the trip out to Scottsdale then there are more options.”

Fittingly, that word of advice…

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A Poignant Heartfelt Thanks to United Airlines by a Veteran FlyerTalk Member

The media whipped up a feeding frenzy in recent months on the foibles of United Airlines upon its customers with operational issues and inhumane treatment — amongst other problems — but although my experiences as a passenger aboard airplanes operated by United Airlines have been uneventful, I wanted to share the following story with you after I read it.

As a member of FlyerTalk for greater than 18 years and certainly longer than my own tenure as a member, flyme2 imparted a poignant and heartfelt thanks to the otherwise vilified airline…

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