JetBlue Airways Awarded Government Contract for Service to Milan — But Again, There is One Minor Detail…

Many readers of The Gate who commented on this article pertaining to the announcement last year from the General Services Administration of the United States that it awarded the government contract for 2016 on the Washington-Dubai route to JetBlue Airways were outraged over the fact that because JetBlue Airways does not actually offer service to Dubai from the United States, that Emirates Airline — which is an official codeshare partner with JetBlue Airways — would be solely operating this route carrying an estimated 15,000 government employees of the United States, which includes active duty military personnel whose official travel is funded by taxpayers of the United States.

Since that article was written and posted, a second government contract was reportedly awarded to JetBlue Airways for service between New York and Milan — even though…

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Save 25 Percent on Award Flights With JetBlue Airways

Through Thursday, August 4, 2016 at 11:59 in the evening Eastern Daylight Time, you can automatically save 25 percent on the amount of TrueBlue points you redeem for award flights operated by JetBlue Airways for all travel between Wednesday, September 7, 2016 and Wednesday, November 16, 2016 — with the exception of…

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JetBlue to Match Your Virgin America Elevate Points — But Only For a Limited Time

Do you have points in your account as a member of the Virgin America Elevate frequent flier loyalty program? Would you like to join as a member of the JetBlue Airways TrueBlue frequent flier loyalty program?

If you answered yes to those two questions, you are in luck, as your points will be matched at the minimum — and exceed your balance in most cases — if…

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Free Flights Offered to Victims, Family and Partners of Orlando Massacre by JetBlue Airways

Under its We Stand For Orlando initiative, JetBlue Airways has offered free fights to victims — as well as family members and domestic partners of victims — of the massacre which occurred in Orlando which killed a minimum of 49 people and injured at least 53 people a few days ago.

The initiative was derived from Twitter.

The remainder of this article — other than the summary below — are the words of this article in its entirety from Out of the Blue, which…

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Shorts Too Short for Female Passenger to Board Airplane

A burlesque performer was denied permission to board an airplane at the international airport in Boston for a connecting flight to Seattle operated by JetBlue Airways because her shorts were too short, causing Maggie McMuffin to search the airport to purchase a pair of sleeping trunks for $22.00 so that she can get home.

Photographs of the short shorts worn by Maggie McMuffin were…

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Earn Triple TrueBlue Points on All Flights Operated by JetBlue Airways — For a Limited Time

You can earn triple TrueBlue frequent flier loyalty program points on all flights operated by JetBlue Airways in June and purchased under a JetBlue flight number when you register for this promotion prior to booking any of your flights by Wednesday, May 25, 2016 via the official Internet web site of JetBlue Airways for travel between Wednesday, June 1, 2016 and Thursday, June 30, 2016 — and…

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Earn Double Base Flight Points on JetBlue

You can earn double base flight points on all flights operated by JetBlue Airways, which will bring you closer to earning Mosaic elite level status in the TrueBlue frequent flier loyalty program within the year — but you must register for this promotion prior to eligible travel; then book your flights by…

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JetBlue Awarded Government Contract for Service to Dubai in 2016 — But There is One Minor Detail…

“In August, the General Services Administration (GSA) announced that it awarded the U.S. government contract for 2016 on the Washington-Dubai route to JetBlue” is the statement which appears in this article at the official news site of United Airlines known as United Hub — but there is one minor detail: “JetBlue has no service to the Middle East and no presence in the region.”


You read that correctly: an airline based in the United States was awarded a contract with the United States government for a flight to a city in the Middle East even though most of its airplanes never leave the North American continent — save for several destinations in northern South America…

…so which airline was actually “awarded” the route?

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