Express Fuel Option Has Spread to Dollar and Thrifty: Charged if You Drive That Rental Car Fewer Than 75 Miles Without Refueling

Both Dollar Rent A Car and Thrifty Car Rental have introduced a new policy at most locations in the United States for your “convenience” known as the Express Fuel option where customers who drive 75 miles or less during a rental of a vehicle will be charged a service and convenience fee of $13.99 — regardless of how much fuel was consumed during the rental of the vehicle — and this policy seems to have been in effect since…

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I Want In on This Resort Fee Nonsense: Open My Own Resort

Let’s face it: hotel and resort properties would not be charging resort fees if people were not paying for them, right? They certainly would not go through the trouble if it were not lucrative, I would think. Resort fees do not seem to be going away soon. If you cannot beat ’em, join ’em — right?

I was thinking about…

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Mandatory Facilities Fee: A Growing Deceptive Trend in Lodging?

I have long been adamantly against the policy of hotel and resort properties imposing mandatory resort fees to the room rate of a hotel, citing that if a guest is required to pay that fee anyway, it should be included in the room rate.

Although the resort fee may be clearly disclosed during the process of booking a reservation for a room at a hotel or resort property — which is certainly legal — the room rate is often advertised without including the mandatory resort fee, usually causing comparisons of the total cost of staying in a room for one night between different hotel properties to be significantly more difficult for the consumer, as illustrated…

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It’s Time to Put the Kibosh on Hotel Resort Fees? Now?!?

“However, when I clicked through to the next screen in the booking process, I was informed that the total for the three nights would be $530.88, 34 percent higher than the initially quoted rate. Even allowing for taxes and fees — which should have been included in the original quote — the increase was eye-popping. The bulk of the extra cost, it turned out, was due to the $29.12-a-day resort fee.”

Because he encountered resort fees as part of a personal experience in attempting to book a reservation for a room at a hotel property in Las Vegas for three days…

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Why I Would Not Pay $59.00 for a One-Time Visit to a Delta Sky Club

“I decided on the chicken noodle soup over the black bean soup here at the Delta Sky Club on Concourse E at the international airport in Atlanta to tide me over until my flight to Amsterdam later this afternoon on my way to Nairobi. That, and some romaine lettuce, a mixture of olives, carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, and a couple of chocolate chip cookies. The soup was nice and hot; but it could have used more noodles…”

That was the beginning of my report back on Monday, February 2, 2015; and I understand that there are some more food options available in that Sky Club. My informal report of the Delta Sky Club at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York on Thursday, February 12, 2015 included enjoying real bagels instead of those balls of half-cooked dough paste with a hole in them to be sacrilegiously passed off as bagels.

Both of those Sky Clubs were furnished nicely with some food options with which you can barely scrape together a meal. The service at the front counters is usually very good. I even was one of the people who actually cut the ribbon at the Delta Sky Club on Concourse D at the international airport in Atlanta when it was opened…

…so would I pay $59.00 to visit a Sky Club for only one time?

The answer is no. I will explain why — but first, a little recent history is in order…

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Mandatory Resort Fees Can Add Up to 50% More to Your Room Rate With Useless Amenities

In my quest to combat mandatory resort fees by compiling a list of hotel and resort properties which engage in this nefarious practice, I have noticed that some hotel and resort properties will advertise a low room rate — only to surprise you with what seems to be a usurious resort fee during the booking process.

For example, the Palace Station Hotel & Casino has a room rate as low as $36.99 — but it comes with a notice that “A daily Hotel Service Fee of $16.79 (tax inclusive) will be added to all room reservations upon check-in.”

This means that the mandatory resort fee — excuse me, hotel service fee — adds greater than 43 percent to the room rate of $36.99. Add an estimated tax of $4.43; and your $36.99 room rate is suddenly $58.21 — or greater than 57 percent more of what you initially expected to pay from the advertised rate…

…and it is all legal. Unless you are able to convince employees of the hotel or resort property to reduce or eliminate the resort fee from your bill, you have no choice but to pay it if you are a guest.

This is what is included in the resort fee at the Palace Station Hotel & Casino — along with my commentary…

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Help Me List Hotel Properties Here to Fight Resort Fees

You should not have to find a room rate for a hotel property — only to be surprised with a mandatory resort fee lurking during the booking process; so I have decided to start a comprehensive list of hotel properties which charge resort fees because I have been adamant about what I believe is a legal but potentially deceptive practice.

Because this is a potentially massive project, I intend to revise and update this list on an ongoing basis — but I need your assistance. Please help me list hotel properties here to fight resort fees — if only to equip you with a database of sorts to which you may easily refer.

Please also help get the word out about this article so that others may contribute information. If we can work together, we can fight the pervasiveness of resort fees by spreading the word and choosing to boycott hotel properties which engage in this practice.

I have started the list below; but…

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Express Fuel Option: Hertz to Charge You if You Drive That Rental Car Fewer Than 75 Miles Without Refueling

As a member of the Hertz Gold Plus frequent renter loyalty program, I received an interesting e-mail message hours ago which announced a revision in the terms and conditions which applies to rentals in the United States and Canada called the Express Fuel Option.

If you are the type of person who manages to keep the appearance of the fuel gauge as full despite having driven dozens of miles in the rental car without spending any money to fill up the fuel tank, your glory days are essentially over as of Wednesday, July 15, 2015…

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Should Attractions in the United States Charge Different Fees for Non-Residents?

“There seems to be a growing trend to charge foreigners higher entrance fees to national parks and monuments in many countries” is what I first wrote in this article from Friday, September 30, 2011 — along with posting a couple of unconfirmed examples used primarily for illustrative purposes.

In my travels since posting that article, I have noticed that that trend does indeed seem to be true. The latest example is when I was in Egypt earlier this month, where the disparity between the entrance fees of attractions for foreigners versus Egyptians can be significant. One of many examples in Egypt alone is the ticket cost to the Supreme Council of Antiquities Museum, where the price of admission is 60 Egyptian pounds for foreigners versus only four Egyptian pounds for Egyptians — or approximately $7.84 versus 52 cents, respectively.

Is that fair?

That prompted me to think about…

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