Helsinki Airport Train Station Now Open

Travel from Helsinki Airport into central Helsinki just became significantly easier and faster, now that the Helsinki Airport train station has opened to passenger traffic as of Friday, July 10, 2015, according to this article from the official Internet web site of Helsingin Seudun Liikenne — also known as the Helsinki Regional Transport Authority in English — and the new train station is served by…

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Double Points, All Routes, All Autumn With Amtrak

If you have been wanting to travel around the United States by train — instead of dealing with airport security checkpoints before flights or driving long distances — now is a good time to start planning your trip.

Register for the Double Days promotion by Amtrak Guest Rewards starting on…

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Why Fly Off the Handle or Drive Yourself Crazy? Train Yourself to Relax!

An announcement that Amtrak to trim one-way Acela fares by 25% is causing FlyerTalk members to re-think their airline ties regarding flying to certain destinations between March 3 and June 26, 2009, when this sale promotion is in effect, as the train fares could be potentially less expensive than airfares between similar origins and destinations. Factor in that one does not have to drive to an airport or go through airport security, and the deal could even be on the right track to being sweeter.

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Train Yourself to Relax

FlyerTalk member ALW wants to compare Amtrak service between New York and Washington, D.C. in the NYP-WAS: Acela vs. Regional, FC vs BC vs Coach thread.

Is ALW for rail?!?

Are the FlyerTalk members who posted advice and information in that thread on the right track? Should ALW switch from regional service to Acela service on Amtrak? What is the signal that prompted the final decision?

Please do not worry about crossing other FlyerTalk members if you have any advice to post to that thread, nor should you be fit to be tied if someone disputes your advice.

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On Train Upgrades?

I did not railize that one can upgrade on an Amtrak train, but it is railly possible. I am not line to you or trying to railroad you.

Hitching up to the On Train Upgrades? thread will get you on the right track on how to do so and what the chances are of upgrading on board a train with a coach ticket. Other FlyerTalk members are using their engine-uity to break the tie of how to successfully upgrade on a coach ticket for TrainTalk – er…I mean FlyerTalk – member Train McGhee from Chicago to Seattle who hopefully will not get steamed by the answers.

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