1.5% Surcharge When Paying With a Credit Card for Lodging in Australia

There is apparently a New 1.5% Credit Card Fee at Hotel Properties in Australia applied to the invoice when paying at the front desk with a credit card. This fee will reportedly be waived only where there is no option to pay cash, such as when buying an advance purchase room rate.

FlyerTalk member PDILLM notes, “This could rapidly become quite expensive. With the 1.5% hotel surcharge and VI/MC charging 1-3% for currency conversion, one could easily be charge 4-5% just for being a from foreigner and staying in a hotel.”

Naturally, FlyerTalk members express their dismay and approval regarding this surcharge policy.

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One thought on “1.5% Surcharge When Paying With a Credit Card for Lodging in Australia”

  1. Michael H says:

    This isn’t new, been happening for two years or more since Australia’s equlivilent of the Federal Reserve (Reserve Bank) deregulated the credit card interchange market.

    The fee is basically the hotel passing on their costs of doing business arising from credit card transactions to the consumer.

    Surprised its taken this long for the property in question to adopt that practice, as much as I may not like it.

    If you don’t like the fact the property does this, vote with your feet.

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