10 Percent Discount on Hyatt Gift Cards and Check Certificates — Last Day

oday is the last day on which you can score a 10 percent discount on Hyatt gift cards and check certificates by using promotion code GPGIFT15 when you purchase your choice of traditional gift cards, virtual e-gift cards, or check certificates — but which one should you consider purchasing?

Traditional Gift Cards

This plastic gift card is best for when you want to send a physical gift to someone for the holiday season. Denominations range per gift card from a minimum of $10.00 to a maximum limit of $2,000.00; and you can choose from 16 different designs.

You also have the option to let your recipient know that a Hyatt Gift Card is being sent to him or her up to four different ways — including via e-mail message.

Plastic gift cards are only currently accepted at Hyatt hotel and resort properties in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

If you want the gift card delivered to the recipient more quickly, you can choose one of four options:

  • United States Postal Service — Free
  • FedEx Express Saver — $6.00
  • FedEx Two-Day — $14.00
  • FedEx Standard Overnight — $25.00

E-Gift Cards

This virtual gift card is delivered to the recipient via e-mail message — so there is no need to be concerned about shipping charges — and the delivery is quicker; although you can choose the date, time and time zone as to when you want for the electronic gift card to be sent. Denominations range per gift card from a minimum of $10.00 to a maximum limit of $2,000.00; and you can choose from 55 different designs.

A personal message of up to 208 characters can accompany the digital gift card; and you also have the option of adding a personal photograph.

E-gift cards are only currently accepted at Hyatt hotel and resort properties in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean.

Check Certificates

Paper check certificates are best when you want to send a gift good at greater than 630 Hyatt hotel and resort properties around the world, as neither gift card option is accepted globally.

There is one potential disadvantage to this option, according to this article posted at Deals We Like:

The major caveat to this is I typically find exchange rates to be horrible at hotels. I get a much better value when they charge my credit card in local currency and then the credit card does the exchange for me. Also, these certificates are a one time use so if your bill is less than the paper check amount, you forfeit the remaining value.

In other words, the potentially usurious currency exchange rates at some hotel and resort properties could wipe out part or all of the savings you earned from the discount of ten percent off of the regular purchase price.

Check certificates can be delivered for a minimum of six dollars through one of the three following shipping options:

  • FedEx Express Saver — $6.00 Not valid for Alaska or Hawaii
  • FedEx Two-Day — $14.00
  • FedEx Standard Overnight — $25.00

American Express OPEN Option

Both the aforementioned article posted at Deals We Like and this article written by Shawn Coomer of FrequentMiler claim that you can save an additional five percent off of the purchase of a gift card or check certificate; but they dispute the actual total percentage of either a 14.5 percent or 13.36 percent discount off of face value respectively. Either way, it is still a good deal if you have an American Express OPEN card, which is good on both the traditional gift card and the check certificate but not the e-gift card option.

Terms and Conditions

None of the above options expire once you have purchased them; but note that all purchases are final.

Additional terms and conditions apply for all options.


Purchasing gift cards or check certificates cam be good gift ideas for this holiday season — or anytime at all, for that matter — but they can also be an easy way to give yourself a discount of at least ten percent off of the room rate of a future stay at a Hyatt hotel or resort property…

…but today is the last day to take advantage of this offer.

Source: Hyatt Corporation.

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