10 Suggestive Names of Real Locations Worldwide — Part 11: Look A Head Version

Have you ever been to a place somewhere in this wonderful world in which we live which has a name that seems suggestive — or perhaps less than wholesome? In locations outside of the country where you are based, the names of locations may seem to have a different meaning to you than the actual origin — but when those strange names are found in the same country as yours, they may tend to have you scratching your head.

10 Suggestive Names of Real Locations Worldwide — Part 11: Look A Head Version

This article is the eleventh in a series which give examples of suggestive names of real locations around the world; and as a form of proof that they actually exist, an interactive Google map is included with each entry — along with a brief description of the highlighted location — and the main focus of this article is to look a head.

Without further ado, let us begin — and the locations are listed in this article in alphabetical order…

1. Bay Head, New Jersey, United States

As the southern terminus of the North Jersey Coast Line from New York which is operated by New Jersey Transit, the borough of Bay Head is located in Ocean County in the state of New Jersey, where you can enjoy the famous beaches of the Jersey Shore. If you are male, you can be the Mantoloking of the beach! This is a shore way of getting a head.

2. Brian Head, Utah, United States

Brian Head is not only a town which is located in Iron County in southwestern Utah roughly equidistant from both Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park; but it is also the name of a popular ski resort — and plenty of other outdoor activities are available all year long. You will need your iron to be active in Brian Head — but stating certain specific activities other than skiing might bring this article downhill more quickly than skiing on the slopes.

3. Glen Head, New York, United States

Located within the town of Oyster Bay in Nassau County on Long Island in New York, Glen Head — which is conveniently located just southwest of Matinecock, coincidentally — purportedly knew how to get Roslyn to new Heights, which led to their Lake Success and that resulting groaning Long Island Sound you hear today. Talk about heading south with this article — but that is the expressway to deal with it.

4. Headland, Alabama, United States

Henry County in southeastern Alabama is the home of the city of Headland, which was established in 1871, incorporated in 1884, and is located approximately ten miles north northeast of the city of Dothan on United States Highway 431.

5. Moorheadville, Pennsylvania, United States

Not far from the shore of Lake Erie in Harborcreek Township in Erie County in northeastern Pennsylvania is Moorheadville, which is fewer than 15 miles from the city of Erie. As eerie as it may sound, getting Moorheadville is probably the best way to keep warm in the winter — especially during those brutal lake effect snowstorms.

6. Morehead, Kentucky, United States

Founded in 1854 by Colonel John Hargis and named after James T. Morehead — who served as governor of Kentucky from 1834 to 1836 — the city of Morehead is located in Rowan County in northeastern Kentucky, nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains along Interstate 64 approximately 64 miles east of Lexington. Note that 64 is the common number here and not 69. With One Community. Many Opportunities. as its slogan, Morehead seems to be an ideal place to go if you are…er…suffering from a certain type of drought.

7. Morehead City, North Carolina, United States

If Morehead is not enough for you, head on down to Morehead City, which is located in Carteret County along Bogue Sound in eastern North Carolina near the Atlantic Ocean. If something seems fishy here, you might be in luck to attend The North Carolina Seafood Festival, which is scheduled from Friday, October 1, 2021 through Sunday, October 3, 2021 — and a finger-licking meal comprising of a fry day with a sundae may seem more appetizing than…um…well…you know…

8. Nags Head, North Carolina, United States

Also in eastern North Carolina approximately 177 miles northeast of Morehead City is Nags Head, which is located along the Atlantic Ocean in Dare County only a few miles south of Kitty Hawk, where the first successful airplane flight by the Wright Brothers occurred on Thursday, December 17, 1903. Nags Head is arguably one of the most established tourism destinations of the famed Outer Banks, and with so many choices of activities to do, sights to see, dining establishments to eat, and lodging options at which to stay, your significant other may not nag you so much about…well…again…you know…

9. Peterhead, Scotland, United Kingdom

Aberdeenshire in the far northeast part of Scotland is where the town of Peterhead — which is one of the busiest fishing ports in Europe — is located. Slains Castle — which is located south of Peterhead — is said to be the arousing inspiration of the famous novel by Bram Stoker known as Dracula. That literally sucks — but then, a little Stroker Stoker never hurt anyone. Sink your teeth into that one.

10. Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, New York, United States

Named after a type of fish, Sheepshead Bay is not only a neighborhood which is located in southern Brooklyn in New York and emulates a fishing village with many dining options; but it is also the name of the bay itself where many people either go fishing or go on a choice of fishing boats from its legendary piers to head out to the nearby Atlantic Ocean for the fresh catch of the day. Notable people who hailed from Sheepshead Bay include Elayne Boosler, Andrew Dice Clay, Larry David, Buddy Rich, Judy Sheindlin, and Vince Lombardi. Once you are done with whatever you were doing in Sheepshead Bay, you can take a Knapp before you put back on the Belt Parkway and leave panting.


I purchased my first new car at a dealership in Glen Head; caught flounder and other fish with my great grandfather at and near Sheepshead Bay; have traveled as a passenger aboard trains along the North Jersey Coast Line from New York but only got as far as Avenel; and was near Brian Head in Utah in December of 2020 but did not go there.

I suppose I experienced a lot of head in my life, come to think of it.

If while reading this article you felt that so many more entries were missing and long overdue — meaning that I am behind and not a head — know that dozens more examples of locations with suggestive names will be considered for future articles here at The Gate

…but in the meantime, please feel free to offer suggestions of your own in the Comments section below.

If you have not had enough to get a head in the meantime, please be sure to read the other articles in this series:

Photograph ©2020 by Brian Cohen.

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    Climax Springs, Missouri

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