10 Suggestive Names of Real Locations Worldwide — Part 14: Defecation Version

Have you ever been to a place somewhere in this wonderful world in which we live which has a name that seems suggestive — or perhaps less than wholesome? In locations outside of the country where you are based, the names of locations may seem to have a different meaning to you than the actual origin — but when those strange names are found in the same country as yours, they may tend to have you scratching your head.

10 Suggestive Names of Real Locations Worldwide — Part 14: Defecation Version

This article is the fourteenth in a series which give examples of suggestive names of real locations around the world; and as a form of proof that they actually exist, an interactive Google map is included with each entry — along with a brief description of the highlighted location — and the main focus of this article is defecation.

Without further ado — or a doo — let us begin. The locations are listed in this article in alphabetical order…

1. Crapo, Maryland, United States

Supposedly derived from the French word crapaud — which translates to the word toad in English — Crapo is an unincorporated community which is located in Dorchester County adjacent to Chesapeake Bay in southern Maryland. Perhaps this is the reason why some people hop around frantically when they need to defecate? Who gives a Crapo, anyway?!?

2. Craponne-sur-Arzon, France

Speaking of French, this town — which has hosted one of the largest country music festivals in Europe — is located in the north of the department of Haute-Loire in south-central France. What did poor Sir Arzon do to deserve to be treated like this, anyway — speak French with a country accent; or talk like a country boy with a French accent? Perhaps the fact that the Astronomical Spring Meetings have been the star in the city since 2004 may be of any constellation…

3. Crapstone, Yelverton, United Kingdom

Crapstone is a village ten miles north of Plymouth in the county of Devon. If you find yourself in the southwestern part of England in the United Kingdom, do yourself a favour and stop off in this village, as Crapstone would otherwise be really hard to — er — pass.

4. Krapina, Croatia

Cultural events, restaurants, lodging, sporting events, museums, and many other activities and places of interest: the official Internet web site of Krapina lists just about anything a visitor may want or need to know — except, ironically, a list of toilets which are available around the town itself, which is located in northern Croatia only approximately 50 kilometers of Zagreb and is the administrative center of Krapina-Zagorje County. Depending on how it is pronounced, the name Krapina sounds like either a tiny defecation or an unfinished sentence.

5. Póo, Spain

Póo — or Po — is a parish of the municipality of Llanes in Asturias, which is near the coast of northern Spain; and it has the distinction of having the shortest name in Spain. Looking at the map, one can see all of the islands of Poo which seem to be floating in the waters of the Cantabrian Sea. One can even Playa in de Poo, if one wants to do so.

6. Poo Poo Point, Washington, United States

Purportedly named for the sound from the steam whistles when signaling loggers, Poo Poo Point is described as a bare shoulder of West Tiger Mountain and is a bare ridge on the west side of Tiger Mountain, which is located in the Issaquah Alps mountains in King County in the western part of the state of Washington. Paragliding is a popular activity at Poo Poo Point; and at least 13 radio stations transmit from antennas on the mountain. Thank goodness that radio waves are the only things which are transmitted from near Poo Poo Point.

7. Poopo, Bolivia

Poopó is a province which is located approximately 280 kilometers south southeast of La Paz in the eastern parts of the department of Oruro in southwestern Bolivia. Its toilet seat — er…provincial seat — is the municipality of Poopó. Even worse is that Lake Poopó — whose color appears to be a sickly green — is nearby to its south.

8. Shit, Mazandaran, Mazandaran Province, Iran

This village in northern Iran is located south of the Caspian Sea in Estakhr-e Posht Rural District, which is in the Hezarjarib District of Neka County in Mazandaran Province. Who else would like to hear a direct flight announced from the tiny village in Austria which is featured at number eight in this article to this village?

9. Shitterton, Bere Regis, Wareham, United Kingdom

This hamlet in Dorset in southern England is approximately equidistant between London and the aforementioned Crapstone. The name Shitterton is at least 1,000 years old and means “farmstead on the stream used as an open sewer.” Enough said.

10. Shittur, Maharashtra, India

Shittur Turf Malkapur is located in district Kolhapur in Maharashtra in western India near the Arabian Sea. The supposed rule to remember in India is to always eat and shake hands with your right hand, as the left hand is reserved for wiping your rear end, cleaning your feet, putting on your shoes, removing your shoes from your feet, and other unsavory and potentially disgusting functions. Only because of its name, Shittur seems like it would have been the ideal location for the beginning of the 2008 movie Slumdog Millionaire.


Now that I think about it, this article really should have been number two in this series instead of number 14. I will wipe that one up to experience.

If while reading this article you felt that so many more entries were missing and long overdue, know that dozens more examples of locations with suggestive names will be considered for future articles here at The Gate

…but in the meantime, please feel free to offer suggestions of your own in the Comments section below — that is, if you give a…

…and if you don’t, then you must be constipated — which is the opposite of prostipated, which means the ability to freely defecate with no problem.

If you have not had enough in the meantime, then do your duty and please be sure to read the other articles in this series:

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