Dick Hunter Memorial Bridge
Photograph ©2020 by Brian Cohen.

10 Suggestive Names of Real Locations Worldwide — Part 3: Male Appendage Version

Have you ever been to a place somewhere in this wonderful world in which we live which has a name that seems suggestive — or perhaps less than wholesome? In locations outside of the country where you are based, the names of locations may seem to have a different meaning to you than the actual origin — but when those strange names are found in the same country as yours, they may tend to have you scratching your head.

10 Suggestive Names of Real Locations Worldwide — Part 3: Male Appendage Version

This article is the third in a series which give examples of suggestive names of real locations around the world; and as a form of proof that they actually exist, an interactive Google map is included with each entry — along with a brief description of the highlighted location — and the main focus of this article is on a distinct appendage found on males.

Without further ado, let us begin before this article gets harder to read — and the locations are listed in this article in alphabetical order…

1. Cockburn, South Australia, Australia

The population of Cockburn — which a town and locality in the eastern part of the state of South Australia at its border with New South Wales near Broken Hill — is 25 people. Its location in the hot desert climate of the Outback translates into an average high temperature of almost 91 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer — meaning that I am sure that other body parts burn there as well, which likely tested the mettle of miners who mined the huge deposits of ore for metals such as silver, lead, and zinc.

2. Dickey, North Dakota, United States

Named after George H. Dickey — who was a lawyer who served in the Territorial House of Representatives of the Dakota Territory Legislative Assembly in 1881 and 1882 — this city is located in LaMoure County in the southeastern part of North Dakota. Were arguments with this particular lawyer indicative of dickering with a Dickey?

3. Dickshooter, Idaho, United States

Located near the southwestern corner of Idaho northwest of Riddle, Dickshooter was actually named after a pioneer settler named — you guessed it — Dick Shooter. His parents must not have liked him that much to give him that name — but then again, that is no small potatoes in the state of Idaho, given that a community, a creek, a reservoir, and a ridge were all named after him.

4. Fort Dick, California, United States

The small unincorporated community of Fort Dick is located in Del Norte County only approximately 15 miles south of the border which California shares with Oregon. The name was changed to Newburg for approximately eight years before once again becoming Fort Dick. Although there is not much to visit within Fort Dick itself, the community is located close to the picturesque coast along the Pacific Ocean, where you can get yourself wet with excitement. One might wonder if Jock Strap would be an appropriate nickname for Fort Dick.

5. Glasscock County, Texas, United States

Created in 1887 and named after George Washington Glasscock — who was an early settler, legislator, and businessman — Glasscock County is located in the western part of the state of Texas; and its county seat is Garden City. You might be shattered to learn that Glasscock County does not have much to offer visitors — that really blows, you may think — but then again, you already saw through that, didn’t you?

6. Longdong, China

Longdong is an urban town which is located in Xiangxiang City as part of the Hunan Province in the southeastern part of China; and it is divided into 29 villages and two communities. Not much information is available about Longdong. Might this town arouse people to live in it because perhaps size actually does matter?

7. Penistone, Sheffield, United Kingdom

The market town and civil parish of Penistone is located in the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley in South Yorkshire which dates at least as far back as the year 1066 — and it offers visitors plenty to see and do, as its official Internet web site proclaims: “The highest market town in the county and one of the best-kept secrets in South Yorkshire and the Pennines, Penistone deserves close investigation to reveal its hidden treasures — there’s something here for everyone. Located close (but not too close!) to major towns and cities and with a wide and growing range of accommodation available, Penistone is the ideal, relaxing place to use as a base for visits throughout the Yorkshire region.” Penistone actually sounds like a quite enticing place to…er…hang out.

8. Three Cocks, Brecon, Wales, United Kingdom

The name of the village of Three Cocks was derived from a former railway station which closed in 1962, whose namesake was that of the Three Cocks Inn from the fifteenth century, which is now known as the Three Cocks Hotel. By the Wye, you can procure a room for as little as £70.00 — or slightly more than $91.00 United States dollars — at this lodging accommodation which is located in eastern Wales. The railway station was called Three Cocks Junction — not that there is anything wrong with that. If anyone said 100 years ago that this village and its railway station were gay places to be, that probably would have had a far more innocent connotation than it likely would have today.

9. Weener, Germany

According to its official Internet web site

, “The city of Weener owes its first documentary mention to a kidnapping case in ancient times. The large landowner Reginhard, who had numerous lands in and around Weener, was abducted by Vikings in the 9th century AD. After his happy release, he bequeathed all of his possessions to the Werden monastery on the Ruhr and withdrew from worldly life as a monk. In 951 the name Weener appeared in the monastery records for the first time, and the place emerged from the darkness of history.” Weener — which consists of nine districts — is located in northwestern Germany in the district of Leer in Lower Saxony. You might want to consider taking a Leer at this Weener to visit, as it is accommodating to tourists with things to do, places to stay, and food on which to dine.

10. Weiner, Arkansas, United States

Home of the Arkansas Rice Festival — which usually occurs during the second weekend in October every year — Weiner is located in Poinsett County in the northeastern part of Arkansas almost 23 miles southwest of Jonesboro and almost 75 miles northwest of Memphis. Approximately 760 people call Weiner home; and under where that statistic comes is the United States Census of 2010. Do not feel guilty if you find that after reading this, you are suddenly hungry for a meal of wieners and rice.


If while reading this article you were thinking that so many more entries were missing, know that dozens more examples of locations with suggestive names will be considered to be forth-coming in future articles here at The Gate — but in the meantime, please feel free to relieve your bulge and offer suggestions of your own in the Comments section below…

…and here is a bonus photograph for this article:

Dick Hunter Memorial Bridge
Photograph ©2020 by Brian Cohen.

The Mayor Richard Hunter Memorial Bridge in Marietta is a railroad overpass which crosses Georgia State Highways 5, 120, and 360 — but when I first moved to the state of Georgia from the northeastern United States, the bridge was called the Dick Hunter Memorial Bridge. You can imagine how much I scratched my head at that one when I first read that sign; so I am glad that the name of the bridge was renamed to honor the former mayor of Marietta — but I still have a photograph of the sign for this bridge when it was still called the Dick Hunter Memorial Bridge:

Photograph © by Brian Cohen.

Anyway, I am glad to get this article shot out — but if you have not had enough in the meantime, please be sure to read these articles:

All photographs ©2020 by Brian Cohen.


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