10 Suggestive Names of Real Locations Worldwide — Part 4: Rear End Version

Have you ever been to a place somewhere in this wonderful world in which we live which has a name that seems suggestive — or perhaps less than wholesome? In locations outside of the country where you are based, the names of locations may seem to have a different meaning to you than the actual origin — but when those strange names are found in the same country as yours, they may tend to have you scratching your head.

10 Suggestive Names of Real Locations Worldwide — Part 4: Rear End Version

This article is the fourth in a series which give examples of suggestive names of real locations around the world; and as a form of proof that they actually exist, an interactive Google map is included with each entry — along with a brief description of the highlighted location — and the main focus of this article is the posterior.

Without further ado, let us begin before this article falls behind — and the locations are listed in this article in alphabetical order…

1. Assagay, South Africa

The name Assagay — which is also spelled Assegay — is supposedly derived from the underlying farm named Assagay Kraal. The village is a suburb of the metropolitan municipality of eThekwini in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, which forms a part of the Upper Highway Area region in eastern South Africa. When I drove on the N3 motorway on my way to Durban in South Africa several years ago, I spotted a sign over the highway with both Assagay and Shongweni — a photograph of which is at the top of this article — and I cannot imagine how often those names were the butt of many jokes.

2. Assinippi, Massachusetts, United States

Assinippi — which could have also been relevant to the chest article version in this series — is located within the town of Norwell in Plymouth County in eastern Massachusetts southeast of Boston. I do not know whose asphalt is placing Assinippi at the junction of Massachusetts State Highways 53 and 123, but its proximity to Cape Cod Bay does create a very interesting…er…unBarnstable Scituation.

3. Boar Tush, Alabama, United States

Once known as Boartusk, the unincorporated community of Boar Tush is located along Alabama State Highway 13 just south of Haleyville in Winston County in the northwestern part of the state — but its house of worship is named Botush Church. I will not resort to using the vulgar term of porking in reference to the name of Boar Tush, as I can think of other ways to bring home the bacon — but I will not strip to ensure that this entry is less boaring, so you can breathe a sigh of relief.

4. Broad Bottom, Kentucky, United States

The unincorporated community of Broad Bottom in eastern Kentucky was named for its location “in a low-lying area” next to Levisa Fork of the Big Sandy River; and it was a flag stop on the Big Sandy Subdivision of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway. One would think that Broad Bottom would be the obvious county “seat” of Pike County instead of Pikeville.

5. Bumpass, Virginia, United States

The Duke House and Jerdone Castle — both of which are located in the unincorporated community of Bumpass in Louisa County — were listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2007 and 2009 respectively. Named after John T. Bumpass, George Washington spent the night on June 10 during his 1791 Southern tour at a plantation in Bumpass. This brings up an interesting question: if Virginia is for lovers, is one required to Bumpass to show that love?!?

6. Butts, Georgia, United States

Although Butts County — which is in the southeastern part of the greater Atlanta metropolitan area — is one of the 159 counties which comprise the state of Georgia, the unincorporated community of Butts is actually located in Jenkins County. Should a town be located in a county with the same name when they are both in the same state? Not in Georgia. For one of numerous examples, Jackson is the county seat of Butts County — even though Georgia has a Jackson County. What a pain in the butts.

7. Buttzville, New Jersey, United States

Named after Michael Robert Buttz — who founded this unincorporated community in White Township in Warren County in New Jersey in 1839 — United States Highway 46 is the main highway which serves the 146 residents of Buttzville. Because of its close proximity to the state of Pennsylvania, be sure to visit the tranquil and picturesque Delaware Water Gap to its northwest.

8. Fanny, West Virginia, United States

Fanny be tender with my love” is probably what the residents of this unincorporated community in Wyoming County in southern West Virginia might sing to themselves as they listen to the waters trickling along Indian Creek. Please accept my apologies if you are British, as you might think that this entry is in the wrong article, for the word fanny is apparently vulgar slang terminology for the genitals of a woman in the United Kingdom; but you have to admit that fanny is a — er — cool word.

9. Long Bottom, Ohio, United States

If a Broad Bottom is not your type or style, how about a Long Bottom instead? Across the Ohio River from the state of West Virginia is the unincorporated community of Long Bottom, which is located in southern Olive Township in Meigs County just west of Forked Run State Park in southeastern Ohio approximately halfway between Pittsburgh and either Lexington or Cincinnati. I will refrain from mentioning any — er — cracks about Long Bottom, under where its own post office serves the needs of the residents of this community for mail.

10. Pahrump, Nevada, United States

Located in the state of Nevada on its border with California approximately halfway between Las Vegas and Death Valley National Park, Pahrump is your base camp to adventure by offering casinos which are open 24 hours per day, annual events, convenience to Hoover Dam, high-speed racing, golfing, off-road trails, hot air ballooning, geocaching, lush fairways, tasty restaurants, a contemporary wine culture, concerts, bowling centers, firearms training, and lots more to see and do which will keep your rump on the run.


If while reading this article you were thinking that so many more entries were missing and in arrears, know that dozens more examples of locations with suggestive names will be considered for future articles here at The Gate — but in the meantime, please feel free to offer suggestions of your own in the Comments section below…

…and this article is dedicated to all of the buttheads who threw the recent presidential election into turmoil and chaos — and ultimately presented the United States as a pathetic laughing stock to the rest of the world. The United States is supposed to be better than this disgustingly asinine broken process.

Anyway, I am glad to get to the bottom of this article — but if you have not had enough in the meantime, please be sure to read these articles:

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