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Photograph ©2008 by Brian Cohen.

1,000 Free Priority Club Points for Everyone?

FlyerTalk member 1000FreePoints — who just registered as a new member — posted the following:

“Hey Everyone,

“I work for IHG and we are giving away 1,000 priority club points to anyone & everyone. All you have to do is watch a short 90 second video at You need a unique 1 time use promotional code to watch the video.

“Send me a Private Message and I’ll send you a Promotional code and after you watch the video you’ll receive your free 1,000 priority club points.

“*One promotion code per Priority Club® member.

1,000 points compliments of Priority Club® Rewards.”

Frankly, we are skeptical about this promotion and advise proceeding with caution — or whether to proceed at all — until we receive official confirmation that this is indeed a valid promotion.

When given the promotion code, you are asked to provide it and your Priority Club number along with your personal identification number, or PIN, in order to activate the video. By our experience, requiring a PIN at an unfamiliar Internet web site is unusual when participating in a promotion such as this.

We do not know what are the terms and restrictions for this promotion. We do not know when this promotion expires. We do not know when — or if — the Priority Club points will be posted to your Priority Club frequent guest loyalty program account.

Furthermore, FlyerTalk member CaptainMiles asks the following:

“Why are they doing this? Would it be to associate FT handles to the PC accounts? Remember, we each will get a unique promo code PM’ed to us, so going forward they would know who is who.”

We are wondering the same thing.

We hope that we are incorrect about being skeptical, as we would like nothing more than for you to get an easy 1,000 Priority Club Points for free…
The following has been added on November 3, 2011, as FLYGVA, who is one of the moderators of the InterContinental Hotels: Priority Club & Inter-Continental Ambassador forum on FlyerTalk, has posted:

“Moderator Notic and Disclaimer

“It is a legitimate Promo by Priorityclub, but the post is done from an individual, who has no official relationship with IHG and it not verified by us nor by IHG.

“The thread was moderated and we did not approve it. We are currently investigating, how this could happen. Since it somehow became visible and was also mentioned on twitter, we like to clarify a few things.

“The promo is only valid for US hotels and it should only be given to people checking in in a hotel. Given the targeted customer, we could not really say for sure, if you receive the points, it might be valid only for customer based in the US. We have been in contact with IHG about it and the intention was not to publish it, since it is not sure, that it works for everybody. We also think, it it not good, if Priorityclub related promotion are posted without approvement by Priority Club or IHG and was also concerned about the validation.

“Btw the employee will get an incentive if someone decides to watch the video (“honni soit qui mal y pense”).

“If you do not get the points, do not blame anybody, as this promotion was meant to target a special group of customers and not everybody should receive it.

“But as you are also addicted to points and take every change to increse the number of points on your account , we let this thread for now open.

“Thank you

Moderator IHG Forum”

The following has been added on November 3, 2011, as FlyerTalk member IHG CARE, who is an official company representative of InterContinental Hotels, has posted:

“Hello All:

“To reiterate FLYGVA, this is a legitimately sponsored IHG promotion.

“The promotion is targeted for PCLUB members staying at US IHG Hotels.
The Scratch Card will be attached with the check in packet upon arrival at the hotel.

“We are not distributing the PIN Codes to watch the video since it’s meant for a PCLUB member check in, so unfortunately I do not have any PIN Codes to distribute.

“Additionally, I have been advised if you receive multiple Pin Codes (from multiple stays at US IHG Hotels) you will only be credited to your PCLUB Account one time.

“One final note… if the member who offered the Pin Code does not follow through, unfortunately there is no recourse since I don’t have any PIN Codes to distribute.

“Hope this helps!


Photograph ©2008 by Brian Cohen.

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