$150.00 Name Change Fee?

FlyerTalk member blueheronNC finds it Unacceptable – AA charges $150 to change last name on ticket after marriage.

She was on the telephone with an American Airlines agent when trying to change her last name on a ticket after a recent marriage, even though she possesses valid identification in both her former last name and current last name. The part that bothered her more than the fee was that she was not told until after the agent had changed her last name on the ticket that she was going to be charged a $150.00 fee for changing her name.

She eventually managed to get American Airlines to change her name back on the ticket so that she would not be charged the $150.00 fee after all.

By the way, the $150.00 fee was a general ticketing change fee — as in changing the ticket itself — not in changing one’s name specifically. This left FlyerTalk members wondering why she called to have her name changed on the airline ticket in the first place instead of just using her valid identification with her maiden name and avoiding the problem and the change fee altogether…

2 thoughts on “$150.00 Name Change Fee?”

  1. Emily Cohen says:

    Check out our post on our blog about how El Al never charges fees for necessary items like pillows, blankets, drinks, etc.
    The link is: http://www.skywordswithelal.com/?p=267

  2. I just heard today that Spirit Airlines is going to start charging for carry on bags. Honestly, don’t you think all these crazy fees are creating a PR boondoggle for the airlines? Based on results, I guess they just don’t care.

    Make it an excellent day,

    Denise Michaels
    Denise Michaels’ Excellent Adventure

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