$150 for a Sore Butt

Is FlyerTalk member FlyingUnderTheRadar referring to how much it costs to purchase a sore derrière?

Well…not exactly.

It also does not describe how much in arrears FlyingUnderTheRadar is in for purchasing that sore butt.

Could it be the extravagant cost for a used part of a discarded cigarette that hurts?

Assk yourself how far you want to fall behind before you finally decide to read the $150 for a sore butt thread and find out if the thread title really means anything, or if it was simply a wise crack by FlyingUnderTheRadar, who will probably find it incredibly difficult to turn the other cheek regarding the topic of the thread.

By the way, sorbet is preferred at The Gate over sore butt any day.

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