$17,500 for 70,000 Commemorative Wrist Bands Ordered by Transportation Security Administration

These are the bracelets in question. Photograph courtesy of TJM Promotions Inc., an Ocala, Florida-based company through which the Transportation Security Administration purchased the bracelets.

In an era where many Americans are struggling to make ends meet, it is nice to know that the Transportation Security Administration purchased 70,000 wrist bands commemorating the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001 for $17.500.00. There is good news, however — that is the total cost, including shipping and handling of the bracelets, which were manufactured in China.
Transportation Security Administration officials wanted their workers to remember the thousands of people who died as a result of those terrorist attacks, so they purchased the bracelets for the tenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.
They have got to be kidding. I mean, really — do Transportation Security Administration workers really need to be reminded of what happened on September 11, 2001, and is a cheap bracelet the best way to serve as that reminder? Is this the wisest use of taxpayer money?
While $17,500.00 is pennies compared to the billions of dollars spent on “airport security” since the terrorist attacks, it is outrageous to spend the tax dollars of airline passengers on superfluous nonsense and proves that there needs to be greater accountability on the part of the Transportation Security Administration as to what they do with the funds they receive.
It also causes me to wonder on what else that money is being wasted by the Transportation Security Administration.
If money is to be spent at all, at least spend it on goods and services originating in the United States so that money can remain in the American economy and circulate.
Give me a break.

One thought on “$17,500 for 70,000 Commemorative Wrist Bands Ordered by Transportation Security Administration”

  1. LadyBorsa says:

    I was a former Supervisor for the TSA at this Time.. Our managers called each employee into the office one at a time and had us sign for these bracelets.. they made us sign that we received them, than threatened us,that if we must wear them for the entire week or we wold be out of uniform.
    Many of the officers were convinced that their were tracking or recording devices implanted inside of them..lol…
    Yeah, the TSA is a mess, it was put in place because of the attacks on 9/11….but with the type of management and training I cant believe another 9/11 hasn’t happened… Oh yeah I know why… Because their flight crews and passengers won’t allow that from happening… TSA..stops old ladies with bottles of water……

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