175,000 SkyMiles to Go From Atlanta to…Atlanta?!?

Imagine spending 175,000 Delta Air Lines SkyMiles to take a 7 Hr Flight ATL – ATL.

More accurately, FlyerTalk member MileTex was traveling on a flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Dubai via Atlanta on a SkyMiles award ticket. However, the aircraft fron Atlanta to Dubai was apparently consuming more fuel than usual, which could prevent the aircraft from completing its journey to Dubai. Approximately four hours into the flight, the decision was made to turn the aircraft around and head back to Atlanta. By the time the aircraft arrived back in Atlanta, approximately 7 hours had elapsed since the flight departed from Atlanta.

Because the unexpected problem would have shortened the time in Dubai to two days from the original 3 days MileTex was originally going to spend there, MileTex decided to head back to Dallas-Fort Worth and cancel the trip.

Should MileTex receive a refund of the SkyMiles spent for this trip?

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