$20 Coupon and $10 Rides: Gett Anywhere in Manhattan Through December 31, 2014

L yft, Uber and Sidecar, watch out: there is also Gett, a car service which recently launched in New York and announced yesterday that it is offering rides all over Manhattan for the flat rate of $10.00 per ride through December 31, 2014 — not including a gratuity, of course.

In order to qualify for this promotion — limited only by its duration through the remainder of the year, as you can take all of the rides you want for $10.00 each — all rides must be entirely within Manhattan; whereas rides to and around other boroughs will be charged at the regularly advertised price. Extra stops and additional wait time are not included; and rides greater than 60 minutes will be subject to additional fees.

Gett is actually a company called GetTaxi, which was founded in 2010 and currently operates in 24 cities in four countries: the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia and Israel.

The experience — as well as what typical regular fares would be normally — was reported in this article posted at The Reward Boss weblog yesterday. The article also stated that there will be no surge pricing or surcharge for such situations as bad weather, traffic or holidays; and a link was also posted to a coupon where you can get $20.00 off towards your first ride. Disclaimer: the author of The Reward Boss might receive an incentive, as different codes are being offered in a “conga” discussion on FlyerTalk.

Jennifer Moody of The Jetsetter’s Homestead weblog wrote an article about her experience as an uberX driver for 24 hours; but she is based in the Fort Worth area where Gett does not have its service — as Gett claims to pay its drivers twice as much per job as its competitors. In addition, if you work only 20 hours each week, you will supposedly get an extra $200.00 per month.

Although surge pricing by Uber has been subjected to controversy in the past, I have read the reports of many people who are absolutely enthusiastic about using its service — such as in this article pertaining to uberXL service being launched in Atlanta by Marshall Jackson of the MJ on Travel weblog…

…and according to this article posted at Forbes, Uber is currently winning in the competition with Lyft for its car service — but not if Gett gets its way.

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