20 Million!!!

FlyerTalk members have attempted to guess when content will be posted for the 20,000,000th time — as well as which FlyerTalk member posted it — and it happened only moments ago as of today, February 25, 2013.
Many of the guesses posted by FlyerTalk members were targeted for the moment to occur late in 2012 or towards the middle of 2013. However, no one who posted before the month of February had a guess which was even remotely close to accurately — although FlyerTalk member worldtraveller2 posted a guess 23 minutes after the content had already been posted but before any announcement was released.
Does that guess still count? Do any of the guesses posted this month count?!?
FlyerTalk member tonerman posted content number 20,000,000 at 1:28 in the afternoon about how he has been known to purchase a box of cold chocolate breakfast cereal in a discussion in the DiningBuzz! forum about food which FlyerTalk members do not always want to admit that they like.
Other significant milestones which are expected to occur this year are the welcoming of FlyerTalk member number 500,000; as well as the celebration of 15 years of the current iteration of FlyerTalk in May of 2013 — and The Gate will be celebrating these other important milestones for FlyerTalk as well.
Congratulations to FlyerTalk, as we look forward to content being posted an additional 20,000,000 times!

One thought on “20 Million!!!”

  1. MileageAddict says:

    Congratulations! I remember when FT hit 1,000,000 posts in 2002. So, it took 4 years to reach 1m and another 11 years to reach 20m. Very impressive!

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