2012 Survey: How Effective is the Transportation Security Administration?

A recent Gallup poll finds that the views by Americans of the Transportation Security Administration is more positive than negative overall. However, some FlyerTalk members believe that the poll results are “extremely flawed”, comprised predominantly of people who are airline passengers only once or twice per year instead of frequent fliers who regularly use airport security checkpoints.

Do you agree?

As you may know, I have shared my thoughts about the Transportation Security Administration over the years here at The Gate, as a sampling of the content — listed below — attests:

Although I am usually more critical of the Transportation Security Administration than not, my experiences of passing through airport security checkpoints have been rather routine and uneventful overall. With very few significant and memorable exceptions — and even those exceptions are too many — I have been fortunate to pass through the traditional metal detection scanner rather than the invasive “pat-downs” or scanning devices which, in my opinion, reveal more about the physical aspects of a person than they should. The agents are usually polite to me, greeting me as I pass through the airport security checkpoint. I despise having to take off my shoes, but I carry disposable booties with me which I wear while my shoes are off — a somewhat reasonable compromise for me. I also despise having the liquids I transport limited in quantity and confined to some little bag in my carry-on bag, but I would rather do that than check my luggage, which I have not done in years.

If I only traveled once or twice per year at the most and shared these experiences, I might also be compelled to agree with the results of the Gallup poll — but that still does not equate to actual effectiveness of the Transportation Security Administration, does it?

Just how effective is the Transportation Security Administration? Here is your chance to take a survey and opine.

FlyerTalk — the largest Internet travel community in the world with a rich base of travel knowledge — has collaborated with Frequent Business Traveler magazine on a series of polls and surveys pertaining to air travel, restaurants, hotels, technology, safety and security. Frequent Business Traveler will provide the poll; FlyerTalk members — yes, you in particular — will provide the opinions.

This survey — active through August 31, 2012 — is about How Effective is the TSA? Many FlyerTalk members pass through hundreds of airport security checkpoints throughout the United States on a regular basis — and airport security checkpoints in the United States can potentially foster issues and situations which can drive you absolutely insane.

The primary purpose of this particular discussion is for you to opine, elaborate on your thoughts and relate your experiences pertaining to the effectiveness of the Transportation Security Administration — or TSA — as a frequent traveler.

Results of this survey will be announced both on-line in the magazine and here on FlyerTalk.
So — How effective is the TSA? Please complete the survey today and let everyone know your thoughts and experiences!

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