2015 TalkBoard Elections: Vote Now

hrough Monday, November 23, 2015, you can vote for up to a maximum of five FlyerTalk members whom you believe would be best suited to serve as members of TalkBoard for the next two years during the TalkBoard elections of 2015.

Candidates Running for TalkBoard in 2015

The members of FlyerTalk who are running as candidates for TalkBoard this year are listed below. Click on each name for additional information pertaining to each candidate.

What Is TalkBoard?

The TalkBoard is a member-elected board which represents a wide cross-section of FlyerTalk members and provides direction and decisions on issues that affect the FlyerTalk community as a whole. Elected members of TalkBoard represent FlyerTalk members on recommending decisions to the community director with regard to the management, organization and content of FlyerTalk.

There is an entire forum on FlyerTalk devoted to issues which have been discussed in the past on TalkBoard; as well as a sub-forum listing the history of how past issues were officially voted by members of TalkBoard.


It only takes a minute or two to vote for which FlyerTalk members you would like to see serve on TalkBoard for the next two years. Please take the time to vote now.

Trivia: At least five “bloggers” at BoardingArea and Prior2Boarding have served on TalkBoard over the years, with three of them serving at the same time at one point. Can you guess who they are?

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