2,500 Preferred Qualification Miles and Two Free Months for Club Membership

From now through April 3, 2012, enroll or renew a US Airways Club membership and you will instantly earn 2,500 elite qualification miles towards Preferred elite status and two extra months of membership — and the $50.00 new member initiation fee will be waived.
A similar promotion last month offered 5,000 elite qualification miles towards Preferred elite status.
Unfortunately, you cannot renew your US Airways Club membership before your current membership is greater than 90 days from its expiration date.
US Airways Club membership costs $375.00 for one year except for Chairman’s Preferred elite and general Dividend Miles members, whose one-year memberships cost $325.00 and $450.00 respectively. The promotion last month cost $375.00 for a one-year membership for everyone, regardless of Dividend Miles elite status.
While I will personally pass on this offer, some FlyerTalk members claim this offer is not as good as the one last month. That depends: if US Airways Club membership is a priority to you and would significantly benefit you, you may want to consider taking advantage of this promotion as it will help you attain elite status a little faster as well as give you two extra months of US Airways Club membership free, unlike the promotion last month.

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