400-Pound Man Forces Passenger to Stand for Seven Hours During Flight?

Arthur Berkowitz claims that he was forced to stand on US Airways flight 901 from Anchorage to Philadelphia for approximately seven hours because the girth of his seatmate — a man supposedly weighing in at approximately 400 pounds who was assigned the middle seat at the last minute and needed both armrests to be raised, causing his body to occupy half of the seat assigned to Berkowitz — prevented him from properly using his seat belt, posing a potential safety risk.
The unidentified middle seat passenger reportedly apologized to Berkowitz and lamented that he was his worst nightmare.
Berkowitz was fortunate to be assigned an aisle seat: the passenger assigned to the window seat was reportedly pinned up against the window by the man in the middle seat.
Berkowitz claims to have received an apology from US Airways $200.00 in compensation as a result of this incident, although he paid greater than $800.00 in airfare for that flight.
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