$50 Initiation Fee Waived for New Sky Club Members

Become a new Delta Sky Club member by December 31, 2011 and have the $50.00 initiation fee waived when you purchase a new membership.
Additionally, receive a choice of either two additional months of Sky Club membership free of charge or 1,500 Medallion Qualification Miles as a holiday gift, whether you are joining as a new member or an existing member who wants to renew — and this offer is good for renewals that occur before the current membership expires, as the renewal will automatically be added on after the end of the term of the current membership.
Rules, terms and restrictions apply.
Some FlyerTalk members are not happy about this offer because they say that the Delta Sky Clubs are already too crowded, and that this offer will only encourage more people to become Delta Sky Club members, exacerbating the crowding problem…

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