500 Rounds of Ammunition Pass Through Portland Airport Security Checkpoint

A 66-year-old Oregon man reportedly passed through the airport security checkpoint in Portland successfully with 500 rounds of ammunition concealed in gray tape in his carry-on luggage, triggering federal charges to be targeted against him.
The man — who was stopped in Guam while attempting to board a connecting flight on his way to Micronesia — was accused of deliberately aiming to defeat the security measures implemented by the Transportation Security Administration at the airport security checkpoint at Portland International Airport. However, his daughter claims that the incident which misfired started with a rush to pack up and leave for the airport, and that he intended to declare the ammunition and place it in checked luggage rather than his carry-on bag.
The ammunition was to be used to catch fish by shooting them. No word has been received at this time as to whether the fish would be in a barrel, but a guess would merely be a shot in the dark…

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