5,000 Bonus Dividend Miles for Every Three US Airways Shuttle Segments

Tails of aircraft operated by US Airways at the airport in Washington in 2009. Photograph by FlyerTalk member caspritz78. Click on the photograph for a trip report written by caspritz78.

Earn 5,000 bonus Dividend Miles on every third flight when you register, book and fly as a passenger on US Airways Shuttle flight segments between National Airport in Washington, D.C., LaGuardia Airport in New York and Logan Airport in Boston by May 31, 2013 — up to a maximum of 50,000 bonus Dividend Miles.
This means that if you fly three round trips between Boston and Washington, D.C. with a connection in New York, that is a total of 12 segments which will reap a bonus of 20,000 Dividend Miles — and FlyerTalk member reaction seems to be favorable towards this promotion.
If you fly a segment of the US Airways Shuttle as part of an flight itinerary, you will still earn towards the bonus Dividend Miles — but only for that flight segment of your itinerary. The bonus Dividend Miles are earned on base flight miles only on flights operated by US Airways Shuttle — and they do not count towards Preferred elite status.
If you fly as a passenger on flights operated by US Airways Shuttle where the total is a multiple of three, then this promotion is an improvement over the one last month, where you earned 1,000 Dividend Miles for each flight — meaning that three flights would have only earned you 3,000 Dividend Miles last month versus 5,000 Dividend Miles from now through the end of May. However, if you fly as a passenger on five flights operated by US Airways Shuttle during the promotion period, you will technically receive credit for only three flights and earn 5,000 bonus Dividend Miles — which is basically equal to the promotion last month, but your last two flights would not count. If that happens, figure out a way to take one last flight segment to earn an extra 5,000 bonus Dividend Miles.
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