$65 Per Month For New Gogo Delta Unlimited Global Plan?

I f you area current customer of the Unlimited plan provided by Gogo for passengers of Delta Air Lines, you might want to be prepared to pay $15.00 more per month starting on Sunday, March 1, 2015 if you want access to Gogo on international flights, according to FlyerTalk member BusTrav8yrs, who posted the following content:

We’re reaching out to inform you of some upcoming changes to your Delta Unlimited subscription service beginning 3/1/2015.

Your current plan provides you with inflight internet access on domestic Gogo equipped Delta flights (i.e., those operating between destinations within the United States, Canada, and Mexico, where network coverage is available). If you take no action, this will not change – you will still be able to access the internet on these flights. Following 3/1/2015, however, your current plan will no longer include internet access on Gogo equipped international Delta flights (i.e., flights other than those described above).

For international travelers, we now offer a Delta Unlimited Global plan. This plan will provide internet access on any Gogo equipped Delta aircraft flying anywhere in the world. A monthly rate increase of $15 over Delta Unlimited’s current retail price of $49.95 will apply for Delta Unlimited Global. Choosing to upgrade by the 2/15/2015 cutoff date will lock in this monthly rate of $64.95 through December 2015.

If you have any questions, please contact Gogo Customer Care by emailing us at customercare@gogoair.com or calling (877) 350-0038.

Thanks for your attention,
Your friends at Gogo

Although FlyerTalk member howtofreetravel claimed that “Gogo is getting way too expensive”, FlyerTalk member Mdanner423 countered that the new plan is a “Really good deal of you fly INTL even once a month.”

AT&T abandoning its plans to partner with Honeywell to develop a 4G network for Wi-Fi service during flights does not exactly help this situation. Gogo purportedly operates on a slower 3G network, according to this article written by Carol Margolis of Pearls of Travel Wisdom.

This is only considered a rate increase if you access the Internet using Gogo on international flights operated by Delta Air Lines. Rates to use Gogo were increased across the board back in January of 2013; but they had apparently increased again since then:

  • $16.00 All-Day Pass, available for unlimited Internet access on all partner airlines all day long during flights — increased from $14.95
  • $59.95 Gogo Unlimited, available for unlimited Internet access on all partner airlines all month long during flights — increased from $49.95
  • $49.95 Airline Unlimited, available for unlimited Internet access on one preferred airline all month long during flights — increased from $39.95 when it was known as The Traveler Pass


The rates listed above are the prices you would pay if you purchase them in advance of your flight through the official Internet web site of Gogo; whereas those services have been known to be more expensive if purchased aboard an airplane during a flight.

Gogo also apparently had added an option called a 1-Hour Pass for $5.00, as there are currently four available options which you may purchase before your flight on their official Internet web site. Gogo had already eliminated the one-time flight pass — which at one time had cost $12.95 for unlimited Internet access during one flight — earlier in 2012 in favor of offering Internet service for ten dollars per hour. Gogo also used to offer a one-year subscription for $399.95.

I personally would not consider paying these rates for Internet access during flights unless there was a financial return on my investment. However, I do use the service whenever I have complimentary access while in flight, but more often than not, the service is rather slow.

As high as the rates may be, let us put things in perspective.

For example, am I the only one who remembers when airplanes were equipped with Airfone — a telephone which could be used during a flight — by either Verizon or GTE? Do you remember how expensive Airfone was to use — $3.99 per minute plus a connection fee of $3.99? That eight dollars for that one minute cost almost as much as the ten dollars for that hour of Gogo Internet service during a flight. I used the Airfone service exactly once for a very abrupt telephone call because I needed to update someone with important information. This service was significantly more expensive than for what Gogo offers today — even after the rate increases.

By the way, Airfone was acquired by Gogo back in May of 2012.

Also, keep in mind that — despite the slow service — Internet access at 35,000 feet during a flight is still quite cool. It was not that long ago that this was not possible. Perspective, people.

That is not to say that I do not believe the rates are inexpensive, as I will most likely not purchase the service at this time. However, at least I know that if I absolutely need to access the Internet, I do have an option that will not quite “break the bank” for me. Of course, I do understand that for those who are frequent fliers and must use the Internet every time they are passengers on an airplane, the costs will add up quickly…

…but, there are ways around this rate increase issue, in no particular order:

  • While not exactly an elegant solution, two people could share the Internet access on one computer or other electronic device — but do not consider using a small travel router so that both of you could access the Internet simultaneously, as there apparently is a limit on how much data you could use
  • From time to time, “bloggers” here at BoardingArea have been known to give away free passes; so keep reading the weblogs here at BoardingArea, as you never know which one might offer the next free pass to access the Internet during a flight — courtesy of Gogo
  • Gogo does offers special promotions and rates; but they seem to be fewer and farther between these days
  • Access codes have been given out on FlyerTalk free of charge by fellow FlyerTalk members who often ask for nothing in return
  • Select Internet web sites — such as for the airline on which you are flying as a passenger, or amazon.com or ebay.com on occasion — can be accessed free of charge
  • Sometimes a company sponsors free Internet access for a limited time using Gogo, such as Verizon did for 30 free minutes of Gogo Internet service for every passenger only five days ago


Are the rate increases fair in terms of capital used for equipment upgrades, future improvements and communications access; or is Gogo requesting too much money for its current services?

What do you think — and where is your threshold as to when the rates to access Internet service via Gogo are too expensive for you to consider using?

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  1. You forgot to include the $8 for 24hrs of mobile use. If you have an Android phone it is simple to either via USB or BlueTooth (if you want more than one user online) and share that connection with a laptop so you could have two devices online for that price.

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