72-Hour Flash Sale: 50% Bonus on Purchase of MileagePlus Miles

or only 72 hours — from now through Thursday, July 30, 2015 at 11:59 in the evening Central Daylight Time — you have the opportunity to receive a bonus of 50 percent more United Airlines MileagePlus frequent flier loyalty program miles on your purchase, which are available in increments of 1,000 — up to a maximum of 100,000 MileagePlus miles.

This means that if you purchase 100,000 MileagePlus miles, you will earn a bonus of 50,000 additional MileagePlus miles. The purchase is not refundable.

Terms and conditions

  • Bonus MileagePlus miles will be credited to the recipient’s account when the transaction is complete.
  • Purchase up to 150,000 MileagePlus miles per account per calendar year.
  • Credit card will be billed immediately upon purchase.
  • Mileage rates and other fees and offer terms are subject to change.
  • Allow 48 hours for MileagePlus miles to process and post to your MileagePlus account.
  • Purchased MileagePlus miles do not count toward MileagePlus Premier elite level status.
  • All MileagePlus Program Rules and terms and conditions apply.
  • GST/HST is charged to Canadian residents.
  • Powered by Points to purchase United MileagePlus miles; and the transaction will appear as ‘Points United Miles’.


For additional information pertaining to purchasing MileagePlus miles in general, please refer to these frequently asked questions. Other terms and conditions apply.


The initial cost of purchasing 100,000 MileagePlus miles is $3,500.00; and you get an additional 50,000 MileagePlus miles free. However — when including taxes and fees — the total cost is actually $3,762.50. That works out to slightly greater than 2.5 cents per MileagePlus mile.

I will pass on this offer, as I do not believe it is worth it; but if you need to top off your MileagePlus account and do not want to travel at this time, this offer might — just might — be worth considering…

Graphic courtesy of United Airlines.

6 thoughts on “72-Hour Flash Sale: 50% Bonus on Purchase of MileagePlus Miles”

  1. Cheikh says:

    Hi there, is this a targeted offer? I seem to only see an option for a 35% discount.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      Apparently — from reading the other weblogs — it is a targeted offer, Cheikh

      …but it appears as though there is little difference between the discount of 35 percent and the bonus of 50 percent more MileagePlus miles; and I do not understand why the offer was presented in different ways…

  2. Peggy says:

    I received an email invitation to purchase the miles instead, at a 35% discount. Effective dates are the same. Bought 12,000 miles. Worked out to 2.4 cents per mile.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      I am glad that the offer worked out for you, Peggy.

      Does your calculation of 2.4 cents per mile include taxes and fees?

  3. Leonard says:

    Not a good offer unless you need to top off. Last year they had a promotion depending on how many people participated the more miles you would get, up to 100%. That was a much better deal with risk involved.

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