Ideas on How Aircraft Could Save Fuel

In keeping with the weight on aircraft theme that fellow The Gate “blogger” Kiwi Flyer started, I present to you the SAve Fuel By Lightening Plane thread.

I must admit that when I first read that thread title, I thought that the thread was about aircraft somehow creatively capturing, storing and using lightning as energy to power the aircraft, saving on fuel. Come to think of it, that may not be a bad idea. If it was successfully implemented, it would be greeted to thunderous applause. However, not meaning to rain on anyone’s parade, I digress.

While some of the ideas posted in that thread are strictly for purposes of providing levity, such as serving only light beer and light snacks, some are actually worth considering, like changing those bulky monitors to lighter LCD flat-screen monitors. Because this thread resides in the American AAdvantage forum, one FlyerTalk member recommends the return of the More Room Throughout Coach program by American Airlines because the aircraft would be transporting less weight with fewer seats and, thus, fewer passengers.

Don’t be fuelish. Please post your thoughts in that thread.

2 thoughts on “Ideas on How Aircraft Could Save Fuel”

  1. Dan says:

    KF and Canarsie,

    The font on this board is much smaller and harder to read than gleffs blog.

    Can you increase the font a notch or 2?


  2. I agree to the article’s main point and the tips for the aircraft to save the fuel.

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