A Commercial Where Mucus Mocks Elite Status and Miles

here is a particular commercial which stars a green blob named Mr. Mucus, who is the brand mascot of a product which purports to relieve people of congestion and sinus pressure: “Now for the latest: Mr. Mucus, the anthropomorphic snot ball who’s been blubbering about the brand since 2004, has gotten a retouching in the latest spot—and he’s slimier than ever”, according to this article written by Kristina Monllos of Adweek. “Mr. Mucus now has a decidedly more 3D appearance and looks, disturbingly, wetter as well.”

In this commercial, a goading Mr. Mucus is taking delight in inflicting misery on a fellow passenger — who is inexplicably seated next to him in the middle seat when the seat by the window is empty and available — before she takes a liquid gel product for relief from pressure to her sinuses caused by congestion.

“Wait, what?!?” exclaims a surprised Mr. Mucus as he is lifted out of his aisle seat by a member of the flight crew, who then proceeds to stuff him in the overhead storage bin across the aisle. “You realize I have gold status? Do I still get the miles?”

I hope that member of the flight crew thoroughly washed her hands — as well as sterilized the external and internal parts of the overhead storage bin and the contents already inside of it — after handling that huge blob of mucus.

Source: Mucinex.

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