A Day Without Immigrants: Did You Know That Was Today?

I f you visited a restaurant or other place of business today and suddenly found that it was closed for the day, that was because today was designated as A Day Without Immigrants. This event occurred across the United States as a combination of a protest and a strike.

A Day Without Immigrants: Did You Know That Was Today?

“It is in response to President Donald Trump’s immigration agenda, which has included a pledge to build a wall along the Mexican border and enact a travel ban on citizens of seven majority-Muslim countries”, according to this article written by Sarah Whitten of CNBC. “Chefs, restaurant owners, staff members and patrons have taken to social media to express their solidarity with the movement.”

In addition to independent restaurants and small dining chains, some locations of McDonald’s restaurants closed for the day today in participation of A Day Without Immigrants.


I must have been hiding under a rock or something, as I only found out about A Day Without Immigrants earlier this afternoon. Have you heard of this day?

My day was uninterrupted despite the actions — or lack thereof — which occurred today; but I do wonder if the National General Strike is still on for tomorrow…?

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23 thoughts on “A Day Without Immigrants: Did You Know That Was Today?”

  1. WR says:

    I love how a crackdown on criminal illegal immigrants and refugees from 7 countries that are known terror threats(according to Obama) is portrayed as anti-all immigrants. Every business that takes a political side risks losing about 50% of their clientele. I’d rather give my money to businesses not run by foolish ideologues anyway.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      You have touched upon the key part of this argument, WR: illegal immigrants.

      Other than Native Americans, all citizens of the United States are either immigrants or descendants of immigrants. The question pertains to legal immigration versus illegal immigration; and I wonder if the closing of businesses specifically for A Day Without Immigrants was a good idea…

      1. WR says:

        Native americans aren’t native either, they just got here first. So yes, we are all immigrants, but part of being a nation means having borders and the right to decide who can come in.

        Not many people are in favor of no immigration. I personally welcome skilled labor that are not criminal or terror threats. So this entire so called protest is a red herring.

        1. MV says:

          I agree that a country should protect itself and that we should vet prospective refugees. But the label “terrorist threat” seems like it’s being overused. True, those 7 countries were flagged because of war, civil unrest, and other factors that could breed terrorism. But if America completely stops accepting refugees from countries impacted by violence and terrorism, it seems like we betray some pretty core American ideals.

          On a side note, history shows us that there can be a slippery slope between antagonizing illegal immigrants and becoming hostile towards immigrants as a whole. To me, that’s a solid enough reason for the protest day.

        2. Nic says:

          Refugees are a threat? Good luck finding numbers to support that. The majority of trumpsters think refugees are illegal immigrants and they have no clue of the vetting process already in place. But hey keep thinking that terrorist have the patience to wait 2 years under the refugee program to come to America.

          1. A says:

            How long do you think 9/11 was in the planning stages? It’s not like those guys just woke up one day, decided to take a flight class the next and then flew into the Twin Towers a week later.

            I’ve worked for USCIS. I’ve seen the vetting process. I was not impressed, especially with ISIS have given out fake passports as well as Venezula. Fraud is too easy.

      2. Ruby says:

        The completed word is “illegal immigrants” and “radical Muslim”. For some reasons, the press ignores the “illegal” and “radical” words. That makes the sentences have completely different meaning.

    2. Nic says:

      Let me guess you are male, white and christian.

  2. Deltahater says:

    As a LEGAL immigrant, I have to ask… Who gives a rat’s ass?

    Go to work, create something. Hire people. Stop whining and protesting

  3. Andy says:

    I think you are missing the point. Hugely.

    ANYTHING protesting that bigoted lunatic in the WH is a good idea. I’m a legal immigrant and a US citizen.

    I am appalled by the laughing stock of an administration is handling itself.

    If you defend Trump you are part of the huge embarrassment. And trust me the whole world or 95% of it cannot believe what is happening, and is embarrassed FOR us.

    I travel full time now, and speak to people in many different countries. The consensus is consistent. Disbelief at his policies, his lack of style, diplomacy, compassion or intelligence.

    See the presser today? Wow, even I had to double take on the extraordinary conference. He is more unfit for office than any human adult I have ever met, and that is amazing.

    He will fail, and I want to see Republican scum squirm, and no doubt blame it on someone else, and lie that they never really supported him. That’s your style exactly isn’t it Trumpers?

  4. Ar says:

    Andy, your predictions will be as accurate as CNN, MSNBC ” Hillary in a landslide! ” You and your liberal sweethearts got your but kicked – deal with it!

  5. AlohaDaveKennedy says:

    Geez – when did a site covering travel turn into a site covering whine?

  6. Rjb says:

    Entering the United States illegally is a crime. Consequently, these people are criminals. The United States thrive because of the rule of law and we simply cannot arbitrarily decide which laws are OK to ignore and which laws or not. That should be self evident to everyone. No one has an issue with legal immigration. It’s obvious that our immigration laws need to be revised, but in the absence of that we must enforce the existing. It’s a simple as that.

  7. RedHat08 says:

    Coming to US is a privilege, so one needs to earn it. When you come to my home, you come thru front door, not thru my backdoor.

  8. Matthew says:

    My wife is a Honduran immigrant who became a U.S. citizen, and she worked today as an administrative assistant to make sure 401K transactions went through. My dad is a Laotian refugee who became a U.S. citizen, and he worked today as a podiatric surgeon, doing everything he can to salvage the limbs of people with diabetes. My aunts and uncles are immigrants, and they worked today doing things like processing unemployment claims for the state, or building things with their hands. Other immigrants in my family worked in law enforcement or retail, today. I guess they’re doing it wrong and don’t count as “real” immigrants.

    Also, if this is about Trump, people might want to wake up and ask themselves where they were during the last eight years, because a record number of people were deported from the U.S. during Obama’s tenure as President. (He’s the guy they may wish was still in office)

    1. A says:

      Saying Obama deported a record number of people is fuzzy math. They changed the way they counted deportations. Now it wasn’t just ICE putting you on a plane, it was people at the border who wanted to get in the US and were told “no.” The latter was changed to be considered a “deportation” though they hadn’t entered the US.

  9. ROBERT says:

    After reading and hearing the media , I thought I was in the minority, but after reading the comments in this blog I am very pleased to see I am not-I did not vote for TRUMP- I think he has done many things right in my opinion and that the MEDIA is the problem not that he is perfect but better than the last 8 years for sure.

    When you hate someone they can never be right BRAVO NY Times, Washington Post, CNN ,NBC etc. all are doing the best they can to destroy him , so far they have failed

  10. Ryan says:

    Im good with extra vetting but the way Trump speaks and behaves, he makes me to believe he wants us to live in fear. I would rather die than live in fear. The way Trump talks about immigrants is degrading and the 7 country ban is clearly and i mean CLEARLY anti-muslim (of course leaving the counties he does business with off the list) and very anti-American.

  11. Juno says:

    Stop putting non travel related political stuff.

  12. Ryan says:

    Hadn’t been aware of it at all. I guess there wasn’t much, if any, participation in my area.

  13. Be Aware says:

    Read the Executive Order. It’s anti-immigrant. It also applies to people who are in this country legally and hold green cards, and who have legally called this country their home, possibly for decades.

  14. mike says:

    All I know is I believe it is unfair that I had to devote a large of amount of time and money for my wife to become a permanent resident however others are coming here for free and working. What gives? I’m sure a majority of those arguing for illegal immigration has not had to deal with what I had to

    1. BILL says:


      My wife comes as a tourist and leaves when required

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