A Free Soft Drink, Coupon Software — and a Pornography Warning?

FlyerTalk members regularly like to collect points in the My Coke Rewards loyalty program, where you enter codes from participating products of The Coca-Cola Company and redeem them to earn prizes such as frequent guest loyalty program points for use at hotel properties, discounted merchandise, entries in sweepstakes and — or course — free Coca-Cola.
However — in a rather bizarre promotion — The Coca-Cola Company created an Internet web site where you enter in what is your next idea, along with your e-mail address. Once you agree to the terms and conditions of this promotion and send it, you will receive an e-mail message where you will receive a coupon good for 99 cents off of a bottle of Coca-Cola of up to 20 fluid ounces — but only after you download a coupon printer software application program.
While some FlyerTalk members do not believe that a coupon for 99 cents off of a 20-ounce bottle of Coca-Cola is worth it — myself included — at least one FlyerTalk member is reporting that the Internet web site in question is being blocked by a firewall due to being flagged as pornography.

The debate amongst FlyerTalk members now is what is causing the flagging of pornography: the URL of the Internet web site — http://www.ahhhhhh.com/ — or the image to the left, which initially appears to be suggestive and admittedly had me doing a double-take?
You decide.
This promotion was not thought out well, in my opinion. I am not sure as to what is its purpose — as well as how The Coca-Cola Company hopes to benefit from it. I am not a stupid person — at least, I do not think I am, anyway — but I just do not get it. I mean, I have heard of tongue-in-cheek — but this takes that expression to a new level…

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