A Good Deed Does Not Go Unpunished: Giving Away Your Premium-Cabin Seat

When FlyerTalk member dollerman73 was awarded an upgrade to a seat in the premium class cabin, he did something that led to a F seat giveaway!

He felt sorry for a coach-class seatmate who was still putting his stuff in the overhead bins when he had heard the flight attendant offer the upgrade to dollerman73 and allegedly complained loudly about the terrible day he had had, and how he felt he deserved the seat in the premium class cabin instead.

Fighting the urge to not reward what dollerman73 rightfully felt was bad behavior, he offered the upgrade anyway to the upset man, who immediately bolted for the premium class seat originally awarded to dollerman73. without any expression of appreciation whatsoever — not even a “thank you.”

As a result of this incident, dollerman73 may never again offer a fellow passenger a premium-class seat in which he secured.

What would you do, and how would you have handled this situation?

Before you answer this question, consider the completely opposite results that FlyerTalk member CJKatl experienced and related when giving up a premium-class seat to a man — first using a wheelchair and then a cane — and being appreciated and rewarded for that good deed…

One thought on “A Good Deed Does Not Go Unpunished: Giving Away Your Premium-Cabin Seat”

  1. daverw6 says:

    dollerman73 did a nice thing, I hope for the simple reason that he’s a nice person. It’s disappointing not to be thanked for a courtesy, to be sure. But does it change who you are, dollerman73? If so, and you only perform niceties in order to receive accolades, well, that’s not actually very nice…

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