A Marketing Idea for Airlines? Taking Advantage of Increased Carry-On Restrictions Due to Security

FlyerTalk member Middle_Seat has an interesting marketing idea for the airlines in the wake of recent restrictions pertaining to what is permitted in carry-on items as a result of increased security measures.

“With so much publicity about no water and no gels allowed in carry-ons, I wonder why no airline hasn’t seen it as a marketing opportunity?” Middle_Seat wonders. “I’ll bet Crest or Colgate would jump at the chance to give away free toothpaste samples to a grateful, upscale group of folks. As for the bottled water, if bottles cost 33 cents each (a guess) and you hand out 300 per flight, you’ve only spent $100 per plane. Yet, suddenly you become the airline that cares about its pax (even those in coach)…I can hear the background music in the TV commercial right now.”

I can hear it too, Middle_Seat — as well as some of the new airline slogans:

  • Come fly the airline that Delta nice amenity kit to you on your last flight and will do so on your next flight.
  • Get your Complimentary Dental on Continental!
  • Karry Liquids More on KLM.
  • Alaska flight attendant for a special amenity kit on Alaska Airlines.
  • Go ahead and Czech your personal items on CSA Czech Airlines. We’ll take good care of you!

On the other hand, MKEbound has a similar idea, except it involves hotels instead of airlines…

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