Elbow butt crack
Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

A Posterior of a Pornographic Headline By The New York Times? No — Rather…

When I checked for messages in my e-mail account moments ago, I noticed a headline from The New York Times which caught my eye — and there was really no way they could predict that it would initially read the way it did.

A Posterior of a Pornographic Headline By The New York Times? No — Rather…

Click on the image for an enlarged view. Screen Shot ©2020 by Brian Cohen.

The screen shot taken above is what I saw when I last checked my e-mail account…

Click on the image for an enlarged view. Screen Shot ©2020 by Brian Cohen.

…and what I initially read which took me aback is outlined in the red rectangle: “Dr. Anthony Fauci offered a grim ass…”

I wondered for a split second if perhaps some pornography site found my e-mail address and tried to pass itself off as The New York Times with the potentially risqué headline?

Click on the image for an enlarged view. Screen Shot ©2020 by Brian Cohen.

No — the headline for this article is as follows: “Dr. Anthony Fauci offered a grim assessment of the pandemic, describing the coronavirus as his ‘worst nightmare’ and warning that ‘it isn’t over yet.’”

At the time this article was written, at least 404,396 people — or slightly greater than 5.74 percent — have died of the minimum of 7,039,918 confirmed cases worldwide, according to this situation dashboard from the World Health Organization pertaining to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus.


With no offense meant for Anthony Fauci, thank goodness he will not be offering to shake and sashay his “grim” posterior anytime soon — and that is a stroke of good news — no ifs, ands or butts about it. I can now eat again.

Additionally, no fault of The New York Times should be attributed, as no one could have anticipated how the headline would appear in the e-mail accounts of subscribers and other recipients of its updates.

By the way, if you were wondering about the photograph at the top of this article, it is thankfully not the posterior of Anthony Fauci…

Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.
Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

…rather, it is simply a closeup of the elbow of a willing model; and then the photograph was rotated upside down.

I hope this article gave you a respite of humor during these uncertain times towards your new normal.

This article is the latest in a series pertaining to the 2019 Novel Coronavirus — which is also known as COVID-19 or 2019-nCoV or SARS-CoV-2 or HCoV-19 or severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 — pandemic in an effort to get the facts out with information derived from reliable sources…

…as well as attempt to maintain a reasoned and sensible ongoing discussion towards how to resolve this pandemic.

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All photographs ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

  1. Super cute article … I would venture to add that Fauci’s tush, and entire body, should feel grim about his vast overreaction to a virus with a mortality rate that is actually around 0.005%.

  2. 100,000 dead in the US would say there was no overreaction. And so too the next 100,000, the legacy of the call to the streets by BLM, So far I have never seen an accusation that Derek Chauvin was a known racist, or that he was charged with a hate crime, but I have seen accusations that he was overaggressive, the subject of 19 complaints and that CBS has uncovered that according to a former coworker, not only did Derek Chauvin and George Floyd know each other, but they had a history of friction. Coworker, David Pinney, said the two men had a history and that “They bumped heads.” Based on available evidence was BLM justified in calling blacks, a population at high risk for Covid 19, into the streets? How many deaths of blacks will result from this political activism and who will account for the black blood on BLM hands?“ A once in a lifetime opportunity,” is how Democratic Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey described the subsequent rioting. “Yes, America is burning, but that’s how forests grow.” Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., downplayed looting saying “Young people, they have a whole new definition for ‘looting…They say ‘looting’ is predatory lending in, you know, minority neighborhoods, where they’re paying 300 and 400 percent on loans by these payday lenders.” Black blood is on the hands of politicians caught up in trying to spin the rioting and looting – the blood of a retired black St. Louis police chief killed trying to stop looting and others. Minneapolis is one screwed up city with one screwed up system of handling complaints about the police (look into what the US Department of Justice had to say about it). Their police have killed both black and white folks and Minneapolis recently paid out $20 million for killing a white woman, Justine Damond, who was not even a crime suspect. The politicians in Minneapolis have had years to fix the situation – protesting, burning and looting are not the answer. Some might say tar and feathers might be more appropriate for the chickens at city hall who were charged with reforming their police department years ago but did not ban the neck restraint that killed George Floyd until days after he was killed. Blood on their hands – black blood and white blood.

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