A Thread for Road Warriors?

When one travels, inevitably sooner or later one has to drive or be driven to one’s destination, whether it is from the airport to the hotel, from the hotel to the client, or from the vacation spot to the restaurant.

I hope you do not mind me blowing my own horn and shifting gears here, but please allow me to steer you in the right direction and introduce to you The FlyerTalk Road Network Forum, a FlyerTalk thread launched by me.

One does not need to be a “roads scholar” or to be “street smart” to take a brake and partake in the interesting facts pertaining to roads and highways around the world in this thread as a result of the drive signaled by fellow FlyerTalk members. If you find yourself lane around with a few minutes to spare, take the high road, get up to speed and participate — you might just ramp up your knowledge about roads and highways. The thread has already experienced a lot of traffic in its existence.

Merely reading this blog entry is a sign that you should review that thread. Exit now to the route cause of why I posted this transmission.

Wheel see about whether or not you will enjoy the thread…

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