Adult Content to be Removed From Marriott Hotel Rooms

Is it because of moral values, new technology, or is it the possibility of hotel guests accessing pornography via complimentary high-speed access to the Internet instead of paying through the in-room entertainment system that prompted the decision of Marriott to Remove Adult Content from New Hotel Rooms?

To further elaborate on the easier access to entertainment via computers and hand-held devices, is the future of in-room entertainment itself in jeopardy?

For further discussion on a topic related to this in general, Should X-Rated Movies Be Banned From Hotel Rooms?

2 thoughts on “Adult Content to be Removed From Marriott Hotel Rooms”

  1. cahbf says:

    it’s because marriott is owned and run by mormons and they love imposing their morals on everyone

  2. DenverBrian says:

    Well, they must be the slowest “mormons” on the planet then, because they’ve had this in place for decades before suddenly deciding to “impose their morals.” Honestly, some posters are even slower than the allegedly slow Mormons…

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