The Battle of the Canadian Airline Christmas Videos 2015: Which is Better?

he battle of the Canadian airline Christmas videos shows no sign of abating in 2015, as both Air Canada and WestJet once again try to outdo each other — and themselves from previous years such as in 2014 — in spreading holiday cheer.

Several years into this intensifying rivalry is this entry by Air Canada for 2015 in which the airline helped a few unsuspecting Canadians with a very special delivery.

…but this year — not to be outdone — WestJet has its own entry where the now-famous Blue Santa of the airline and his “elves” set out to accomplish a goal of performing 12,000 mini miracles around the world and wound up easily surpassing that goal by performing 31,793 mini miracles, which included free trips, assorted gifts and other surprises.

As with the Christmas videos from both Air Canada and WestJet from last year: after watching both videos, you’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll be amazed…

…or perhaps you will believe that they are simply little more than big publicity stunts.


Would it not be nice if more companies — not just two airlines in Canada and not just airlines in general — spread this kind of holiday cheer throughout the year in spontaneous doses to unsuspecting people? Yes, I know — it would cost a lot of money; but one can dream, no?

Regardless of what you believe, which video do you believe wins the battle of the Canadian airlines? Please opine in the Comments section below. Thank you.

Source of photograph: Air Canada.

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